Right to Marry: Yes We Should!

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Three couples.
Three minutes.

They show us the human cost of denying gay and lesbian couples the fundamental right to marry.

All couples should be allowed to say "Yes We Can" to marriage.

"It is unfair not granting the right of a marriage to gay couples when so many hetero couples cheat on each other, or if not, live a miserable life just to keep their social status. How many happy families and their kids could have full government and social support if all the rights were granted? The choice of choosing our soul mate has nothing to do with gender, we choose someone who has similar interests and dreams, and care about us.
It is unbelievable that we are in the 21st century and we are still denying the gay rights thus stigmatizing people for their sentimental choice when they are not causing harm to anyone. Actually those against it, are the ones that are causing the harm." (This is my comment, by Manuela).

Please watch the video, and bring awareness to those who are blind.

Thank you.

Source of the video: ACLU.org

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      food for thought a most excellent video

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