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Rescind 2015 Delta Skymiles Program Devaluation

    1. Suzanne Bunning Sfugaras
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      Suzanne Bunning Sfugaras

      Fort Lauderdale, FL

We need to let Delta know we are their loyal customers. Not only those with more cash!

Can Delta at least make this decision a little more equitable?

Can we have lower mileage awards, if you are devaluaing our Skymiles?

Some notes and information:

•Do you want Delta to cater only to those who can afford to buy First Class or Business tickets?
•Do you want your Frequent Flyer miles to be worthless?
•Do you want to accrue less for higher priced tickets?

Then read and watch the attached video and PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

From the Huffington Post:

•The move by an airline the size of Delta, with its international routes and important corporate customers, adds to a more fundamental trend in air travel — luring big-bucks travelers with better seats, fancier meals in first class, and VIP treatment at the airport.
•"If you're a corporate traveler, the IBM guy, this is good for you," Randy Petersen, editor of InsideFlyer magazine, which tracks the airline-loyalty business, said of Delta's move. "The infrequent traveler clearly is the loser here. Frequent-flier programs are no longer for them at all."
•If United and American follow Delta's lead, "there's not much a consumer can do," Petersen said. "Where are you going to go?"

From the Guardian:

•“The introduction of a new model for earning miles will increase rewards for those who spend more as well as differentiate the SkyMiles Frequent flyer program for our premium traveler.”
•By “premium traveler”, Robertson is referring to those who are willing to pay more – for both short- and long-distance trips – by purchasing business or first-class tickets.

Richard Anderson, CEO, Delta Airlines
Rescind 2015 Delta Skymiles Program Devaluation

[Your name]

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    2. Was hoping the NEW FF miles chart would show...

      Suzanne Bunning Sfugaras
      Petition Organizer

      Was hoping that the 2015 Skymiles chart would show much better and lower miles needed for booking. The most they are giving us is a paltry 5K lower in a few spots and they are adding more levels. Don't think this makes their changes anymore equitable. DO YOU? Please TWEET this petition to anyone you know!


    3. From "The Points Guy" expert in travel and travel rewards

      Suzanne Bunning Sfugaras
      Petition Organizer

      Top 10 Reasons Why I Dumped Delta

      I was a loyal Delta flyer (and enthusiast) for years. I had top-tier Diamond Medallion status (and used to love it), I was able to use SkyMiles to fly all over the world, I frequented SkyClubs throughout the US and abroad, I appreciated the (relatively) good service and domestic fleet-wide WiFi, and even I defended the program from naysayers from time to time.

    4. Travel Expert: "Delta can do this because they can"! Too bad, huh?

      Suzanne Bunning Sfugaras
      Petition Organizer

      Delta overhaul to frequent flyer miles program: How travelers will be affected Delta Air Lines is overhauling its Sky Miles frequent flyer program and members will start earning miles based on ticket prices, not how far they go. CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg takes a look at the changes facing travelers.

    5. If you are a leisure traveler, VP of Skymiles thinks you are unimportant!

      Suzanne Bunning Sfugaras
      Petition Organizer

      Jeff Robertson, vice president of Delta's SkyMiles program, said passengers earning more miles under the new system will account for a larger share of Delta's revenue than those who will receive fewer miles. The top 4% of Delta customers drive more than a quarter of its revenue. Mr. Robertson said it is important for Delta to give a higher rewards accrual rate to the passenger who spends thousands of dollars a year on Delta, has elevated elite status and may take many short but costly flights, than to an infrequent, leisure passenger.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Remi Afonja DENVER, CO
      • 4 days ago

      they are adding another choke point. How much your tickets cost..Yet the cheap tickets (ones bought ealier) help plan the flight not the last minute more expensive ones. They should reward travellers that plan

    • Robert Blackett SEATTLE, WA
      • 19 days ago

      I don't stay with Delta for the upgrades. As a platinum in Seattle I don't get upgraded too often. I stay for the miles. In spite of the general consensus that skymiles are not valuable I have found them to be very valuable. But with these changes there's no reason for me to stay. I will fly with American next year. If they eventually take Delta's approach I will fly with Alaska. And if Alaska goes the same route then I guess you win.

    • Debra Saade CONYERS, GA
      • 26 days ago

      Delta has many customers who may travel less than 12 times per year, and spend around $10,000 but they are LOYAL!! I have been a member of the FF program since it began around 1982 and have flown Delta religiously. My loyalty is just as important as someone who spends more.

    • Timothy Schwartz BEAUFORT, SC
      • 2 months ago

      I am going to be getting 20-33% of the miles I am getting in the current program. I am a gold medallion and buy discounted tickets for long hauls. The new Sky Pesos program will severely cut my miles down and the tickets are only 5% cheaper. I am the loser here. I am going to a travel rewards card like Barclay's Arrival + and use it on any discount tickets, any airline. I spent $300,000 on Delta Amex this year. Their loss.

    • Jaime Stewart BLOOMINGTON, IN
      • 3 months ago

      Delta already has the lowest value points of any airline. This further devaluation will make the points nearly worthless. I already cancelled my Reserve Amex based on this news.


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