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RIAA and the Obama Administration

Stop ISPs from launching a massive copyright spying scheme this July 12th

    1. Elizabeth Caton-Phelps
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      Elizabeth Caton-Phelps

      Everett, WA

The Obama Administration has approved of a massive internet spying scheme set forth by the RIAA. This scheme will require all major ISPs to use employees to watch, essentially spy, on he public at every moment in the day and every day in the year. This spying program is being launched so that poor Americans (all Americans that cannot afford to pay a $150,000 fine without going into bankruptcy) will be forced to live without any access to the internet at all and fine them $150,000 each time a copy-written material is downloaded onto a computer whether you already pay for the service or not (even service that isn't available in America to begin with).

The way this program will work is that employees from all major telecommunication companies (Comcast, COX, AT&T, etc.) will be required to spy on, suspend/ cancel service, force an "education class" about the illegitimate fines that are going to be imposed if any copy-written materials are placed on their computer. If a person, whether or not is the same person that took that class, downloads any copy-written materials on the same internet connection (whether or not in your home or on an unsecured network as well) the service will be cancelled from the ISP. In many counties and states there are already mandates that force people to go with only one ISP, therefore, if you are cancelled, you get no internet service whatsoever other than dial-up which is of almost no use at all.

We need to stop this madness. The RIAA should NEVER have the right to force ANYONE into bankruptcy or into prison for a digital image or video that's already been paid for by the consumers to begin with. The Obama Administration was fully aware of this information when they supported the RIAA in forcing ISPs to do this to the public. This means the Obama Administration is perfectly fine with having more than 30% (over 100 million people) of the American public in prison or in a bankrupt state due to these faux crimes.

Please spread the word to the rest of the world. We can't live a sustainable life in fear, or in a fascist nation which has already been proven by what our government's done to us in the last decade. Let freedom of information live on so we can continue to learn, so we can continue to progress and live free lives... the lives we were born to have. We cannot allow ourselves to be put into a new era of the Dark Ages. We've fought for our freedom for too many years to live like this.

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    • Morgan Loberg BIGGS, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I agree that internet piracy is a huge issue that does make people who own copyrighted content lose money, but this ban is too vague and entirely too invasive to do any good. What kind of content would warrant a fine? If I like a picture that is copyrighted by a photographer and I decide to save it to my computer so I can look at it without having to track it down on the internet, would I be fined $150,000? This whole idea is convoluted; the punishment severely exceeds the crime.

    • James Montgomery GLASSPORT, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Total disrespect of privacy,and its easy to cry "stealing" just to want more money.Im going to pay 75 bux per month for internet service just to be spied on they are nuts if they think that will continue.

    • C Shumer MANSFIELD, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      Because this is a total violation of my privacy.

    • Josh Thomas FREDERICK, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      Freedom/Privacy. America is the land of the FREE stop trying to control Everything we do as Americans!! This is getting out of control, these rich people trying to control Everything we do. Soon they will control what you do and when you can do it at all times. might as well be in prison..

    • Lindsay Lock FORT WORTH, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      The Internet should be FREE of ANY restricting policies. The government does NOT own the Internet - it is a public resource - and therefore the government should not be allowed to create laws policing the Internet.


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