Rhinoceros  in South Africa  need your help before their extinction
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Rhinoceros in South Africa need your help before their extinction

    1. Isabella P.PARFENOFF
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      Isabella P.PARFENOFF

      Los Angeles, Maldives

2014 january : PLS read the updates .

Background =The rhinoceros is a large mammal that in fact dates from the Miocene era millions of years ago.

In recent decades rhinos have been relentlessly hunted to the point of near extinction. Since 1970 the world rhino population has declined by 90 percent, with five species remaining in the world today, all of which are endangered.

Humans are  the cause of the demise of the rhinos.

Last very sad new on july 21 :


 In the wild, the adult black or white rhino has no true natural predators and, despite its size and antagonistic reputation, it is extremely easy for man to kill. A creature of habit that lives in a well-defined home range, it usually goes to water holes daily, where it is easily ambushed  and killed .

Africa’s rhinos are facing a constant threat due to poachers and trophy hunting.

 Poaching is on a general  increase whilst efforts to protect the rhinoceros are being considered increasingly ineffective.

The reports  found that 95% of rhino poaching in Africa since 2006 had occurred in Zimbabwe and South Africa : these two nations collectively form the epicentre of an unrelenting poaching crisis in southern Africa.

But they also found that poaching and illegal trading in rhino horn were on the increase in South Africa, between 2007 and 2009, the report listed 210 rhinos as being illegally killed in South Africa, with a further 235 being poached in Zimbabwe.

In " traditional chinese medecine "Rhino horn is considered to be particularly effective on fevers, on sex diseases  and even "life saving" by  chinese practitioners, which in turn provides a sales market.

This  increasing demand for rhino horn , especially in new markets such as Vietnam – but not only as  rhino horn is processed into pills, tablets, treatments, and tonics and sold worldwide!_is fueling an illegal and criminal  trade involving corruption and organized crime. 

Video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWarnqcZoCc&feature=player_embedded

The worst estimate, that only 2% of poachers are successfully countered, is reported of Zimbabwe.

This  trade is extremely significant despite the introduction of several  of new anti-poaching measures as  Rhino horn is now worth more than gold: a kilo of rhino horn is worth approximately 60,000 dollars while gold is a little over 40,600 dollars!It is the reason why the cases of rhino poaching have escalated at an unprecedented rate throughout South Africa,.

So it is time to help the last rhinos before their extinction

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    1. To legalise rhino horn sales ?

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      in reality there is no way that the supply from farmed rhino could come remotely close to meeting the demand, which is growing exponentially as consumers in the principal markets in Southeast Asia become richer.
      Anyway, the criminal cartels that control the trade have no reason to buy expensive ‘farmed’ rhino, when they could just as easily poach it, or help themselves to more of the dwindling wild population in poorly protected national parks. Violence is deeply entrenched in the traffickers operations and they have no interest in the conservation of the species. In the short term, the rarer rhinos become, the more prices will rise. Then, when rhinos are extinct, the traffickers will move on and invest their profits somewhere else. Their business model is an apocalyptic vision of asset stripping on a grand scale.
      source : the Guardian

    2. The trade in rhino horn: asset stripping on an apocalyptic scale

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      What is happening in South Africa is truly in a league of its own: over 1000 rhino are being poached each year in South Africa. But these were just statistics ! South Africa has form as a trader of products from endangered species

      The trade in rhino horn: asset stripping on an apocalyptic scale

      I am sitting in a large meeting room at Pretoria University in South Africa at a conference to discuss the trade in rhino horn. Expecting a fierce debate pitting conservationists against hunters and traders, instead I find myself confronting my own impotence against the most horrific poaching of rhinos.

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    4. More than 1,000 rhinos killed in South Africa in 2013

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      Poachers killing animals at record rate, sparking fear of demise of entire population within 20 years

      More than 1,000 rhinos killed in South Africa in 2013

      More than 1,000 rhinos were killed in South Africa last year at a record-breaking rate that could wipe out the country's entire population of white and black rhinos in a little over two decades. The environment ministry said 1,004 animals were killed in 2013, mostly in poaching hotspot Kruger national park, as the poaching crisis escalated.

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    6. Elephants and Rhinoceros, Other Victims of Terrorism in Africa

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      Elephant Action League (EAL) recalled that the horns of rhinoceros and the ivory extracted from elephants' tusks are sold on the black market at a higher price than gold or cocaine in some Asian regions.

      An investigation that EAL entitled "The White Gold of Jihad" assures that 40 percent of the illegal capital administered by terrorist groups such as Al-Shabaab comes from pouching in African jungles.

      This illegal commerce is profitable in areas where law-enforcement forces are weak or there is administrative corruption, as well as in zones where forest rangers lack the necessary technical resources, spokesperson for Elephant Action League said.

    7. running an international smuggling ring that specialized in rhino horns.

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      A Chinese national has admitted running an international smuggling ring that specialized in rhino horns.

      Chinese man pleads guilty in NJ to running ring that smuggled rhinoceros horns

      A Chinese national has admitted running an international smuggling ring that specialized in rhino horns. Zhifei Li made the admission in federal court in Newark on Thursday. The 29-year-old resident of Shandong, China, pleaded guilty to 11 counts including smuggling and illegal wildlife trafficking. The smuggling counts each carry a 10-year maximum prison sentence.

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    9. Rhino killings for horns rise rapidly in South Africa

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer
      Rhino killings for horns rise rapidly in South Africa

      By the time ranchers found the rhinoceros calf wandering alone in this idyllic setting of scrub brush and acacia, the nature reserve had become yet another blood-soaked crime scene in South Africa's losing battle against poachers. Hunters killed eight rhinos at the private Finfoot Game Reserve inside the Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve this month with single rifle shots that pierced their hearts and lungs.

    10. 549 rhino poached this year - no end in sightline

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer
      549 rhino poached this year - no end in sight - Times LIVE

      "So far [this year]... we have lost more than 500 rhino. [As of] yesterday [Monday], the figure was at 549... The problem is still increasing," environmental affairs deputy director-general Fundisile Mketeni said. Responsible for biodiversity and conservation in his department, Fundisile was briefing members of Parliament's environmental affairs portfolio committee.

    11. US intelligence teams to track wildlife poachers in Africa and Asia

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      "Conservationists say drive is first time wildlife trafficking has been discussed as a security rather than environmental threat " read more here :

      US intelligence teams to track wildlife poachers in Africa and Asia

      America's intelligence community was ordered to track poachers in Africa and Asia on Thursday as part of a new global drive against the illegal trade in elephant tusks and rhino horn.

    12. We ask to reject ►calls to legalise Rhino Horn trade ►Avaaz petition

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer
      Click here to save the rhino!

      The pro-trade lobby has tried to justify rhino horn trade in economic terms. These justifications are based on flawed & dangerous assumptions and often proposed by those with a vested financial interest in trade.

    13. Images that highlight the trade killing our rhinos

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      Photographer Brent Stirton posed as a buyer to capture this image of a rich woman and her dealer grinding rhino horn in her kitchen. His photographs of the trade and the battle to stop the killing won him a major wildlife award
      read more here and photos :

    14. South Africa hits another new record in rhino killings

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer
      South Africa hits another new record in rhino killings

      Four hundred and fifty-five rhinos have been killed by poachers in South Africa since the beginning of the year. The number surpasses the record set last year (448) and proves that national efforts to stem poaching have not yet made a dent in actual killings.

    15. Record number of rhinos killed illegally in South Africa in 2012

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      A record number of African rhinos were illegally killed in South Africa this year, driven by the use of their horns in Chinese medicine and a spreading belief in south-east Asia – unfounded in science – ***that they may cure cancer!!!
      FYI : The street value of rhinoceros horns has soared to about $65,000 a kilogramme, making it more expensive than gold.
      South Africa, home to more than 20,000 rhinos, or about 90% of all the rhinos in Africa, lost 455 rhinos to poachers as of Tuesday, eclipsing the 448 killed in 2011, the environment ministry said in a statement.
      read more here :

      PLS sign and share the petition .
      Thank you

      Record number of rhinos killed illegally in South Africa in 2012

      A record number of African rhinos were illegally killed in South Africa this year, driven by the use of their horns in Chinese medicine and a spreading belief in south-east Asia - unfounded in science - that they may cure cancer.

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    17. Demand in Vietnam "has fuelled a poaching crisis in South Africa.

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      **China, traditionally a major market for animal parts, was awarded green marks for its efforts to slow the illegal trade in *rhinos and *tigers, but a yellow mark for its work on the trade in elephant ivory, prized when carved into costly ornaments. WWF said Beijing should do more to police its domestic ivory market.***India and Nepal were the only nations to get green ratings for all three animals.
      PLEASE read : Vietnam, Laos and Mozambique do least to halt trade in animal parts: WWF and CITIES here

    18. Based on killings so far in 2012, 532 rhinos are projected to die this year

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      **Vietnam imported $10bn worth of luxury products in 2010. Milliken says that "the current trade in rhino horn is another aspect of such consumption." His report also notes websites promoting rhino horn consumption with slogans such as "to improve concentration and cure hangovers", and ***"rhino horn is 'like a luxury car' ".
      *Colman O'Criodain, wildlife trade specialist at WWF international, said that historically Vietnam was not a significant market for illegal wildlife trade, such as rhino horns. "There hasn't been a large demand from Vietnam for wildlife trade in the past, it wasn't seen as a major source of demand. What seems to have spurred it [the recent demand] is the cancer thing. Now it is tied into increasing economic affluence, the taste for conspicuous consumption from an emerging middle class."
      read more on the link

    19. Affluent Vietnamese driving rhino horn poaching in S Africa, report warns

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      *Conspicuous consumption from a growing middle class in Vietnam is driving the catastrophic poaching of rhino horns in South Africa, conservationists warned on Monday.
      While the country's appetite for rhino horn was in recent years largely driven by the mistaken belief it was a cure for cancer, lately it has become a party drink for corporate events and promoted on Vietnamese websites as "the alcoholic drink of millionaires" when ground down and taken with wine.
      *The south-east Asian country comes bottom of a scorecard of countries ranked on their prevention of illegal wildlife trade, produced by conservation charity WWF to coincide with around 175 countries meeting on Monday 07/23 : in Geneva to discuss measures to prevent the illicit trade of endangered species.

    20. Rhino poaching crisis in South Africa as 200 killed in in six months

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      Poachers have killed almost 200 rhinos in South Africa during the first half of the year – with tha majority of them lost at tourist hotspot Kruger national park, where 126 have been killed.
      Wildlife charity WWF said that unless the problem is tackled, more rhinos could die this year than in 2010, when a record 333 were killed in South Africa.
      The organisation said statistics from the national parks department in the country showed 193 rhinos had been lost in the first six months of the year, while Limpopo province has already lost 27 rhinos this year. PLS Read more on the link

    21. Rhinos under threat video PLS WATCH

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      This movie was produced by UNTV in collaboration with the CITES Secretariat in an effort to raise public awareness of the current crisis faced by rhinoceros through illegal killing and international trade in rhino horn. The movie was be first shown on 18 June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro on the occasion of the Rio+20 Conference.

    22. 245 rhinos killed in South Africa this year

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      South Africa’s rhino death toll has now reached a staggering 245 since the start of 2012, according to figures released today by the government.

    23. Tell Interpol to Search Every Shop in Vietnam for Illegal Rhino Horn

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      Why this is important
      From research done by TRAFFIC and reports by independent journalists, it has become clear that 90% of illicit Rhino Horn trade is being conducted in or near Hanoi, Vietnam.
      **Yet very few traditional medicine dealers are raided by police. It is simply not a priority - yet.
      Should the carnage continue, it would mean that the species, which have existed for more than 10 million years, will become extinct in less than 5 years.
      ***Mr Khoo Boon Hui, President of Interpol, is ready to launch a massive policing exercise to search of the traders in Vietnam, but needs worldwide support to make that decision.
      Help him by signing the petition that will end this insane demand for Rhino Horn.
      petition on the link
      Thank you

    24. 1 more petition to sign

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      PETITION: Stop Rhino Poaching and the Illegal Trade of Rhino Horns
      To: CITES SG John E. Scanlon + 175 Country Representatives
      read more on the link
      thank you

    25. A pregnant female named Matterhorn poached

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF
      Petition Organizer

      A pregnant female named Matterhorn, was the fifth to be lost to poaching at Lewa in 30 years.*** her ***two-year-old calf was injured in the attack, but is expected to recover. The incident occurred even though the reserve is protected by a 150-strong security force unparalleled in the conservation world, and is a grim indication of the rising demand for ivory and rhino horn, and the risks poachers are willing to take to feed it. ___The problem is not limited to Kenya. Poaching throughout Africa is at its highest level since the ivory trade ban was introduced in 1990, and the amount of raw ivory intercepted last year was the highest for 20 years
      read more on the link


    Reasons for signing

    • Ria Dubrow WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • about 19 hours ago

      All poachers should be killed as well!

    • Anna Kathleen GRAND RAPIDS, MI
      • about 24 hours ago

      There are only 6 white rhinos left, they need our help.

      • 1 day ago

      humans have already broken the sacred circle what will we have in the future. Just think what animals think of us and how can we be so presumtuous to think we are apart. we share we are just another species on the planet, nothing more.

      enough unconsciousness

    • Isobel Humphreys SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
      • 1 day ago

      http://theaustralianrhinoproject.org Australia has an idea to help.

      • 3 days ago

      Please tell South Africa's government: Stop hunting of endangered white rhino, there are only six left living on Earth,


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