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Revoke the Cycle & NMT Ban in Kolkata

    1. Ekta Kothari
    2. Petition by

      Ekta Kothari

      Kolkata, India

Kolkata Police has banned Cycles and Non-motorized transport (Cycle, Cycle rickshaws, Bakery Vans, Handcarts etc) from 174 thoroughfares in Kolkata - virtually meaning a blanket ban to regulate traffic.

Such a ban is socially non-inclusive, inequitable and environmentally hazardous and is a suicide note for our beautiful city of joy. Thousands will be forced to convert to motorized transport and push to the brink the overstretched infrastructure of the City.

We have run from pillar to post, from the Transport Department to Kolkata Traffic Police to Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Environment Department, and written multiple letters to all concerned authorities. But no actions has been taken yet. Infact most of them said that they can't do anything about it!  

The Police Commissioner hasn't even responded despite our consistent efforts to meet him to find a solution.

Its time we stand up against this unjust ban and make sure our voices are heard. Hence we have started this petition to bring together the citizens of Kolkata and demand a revocation of this blanket ban.

Our movement has gotten support from Social Activist Medha Patkar and Nobel Laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan.

On 8th Sept '13 we organized a 'Cycle March' where over 500 cyclists marched the streets with their cycles.

On Gandhi Jayanti - we're organized A Creative, Non-violent Protest 'Bring the Wheels Back to the Streets'. Over 3000 people joined us along with Street Theatre Artists and Boul Fakirs in a never before creative protest done in Kolkata.

On 17 Dec we submitted a Deputation to Transport Minister Madan Mitra, who clarified that the Cycle ban was not ratified by his department, and hence had lapsed on July 29th. But Kolkata Police continued to charge based on lapsed notification.

Finally we have filed a PIL in Kolkata High Court against this injustice.

We need your support ever more.

Sign this petition and forward it to your friends. Every signature counts!


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    1. Invitation : Dialogue on Sustainable Transport for Urban Cities on 25 July

      Ekta Kothari
      Petition Organizer


      We would like to invite you to a dialogue on 'Sustainable Transport in Urban Cities' with Dr Anvita Arora (iTrans) and Dr Rajendra Ravi (IDS). This dialogue is a part of a National Consultation on National Urban Transport Policy 2014, organized with the aim to bring in the voices of the people in the larger policy making.

      Date - Friday, 25 July, 2014

      Time - 10 am to 4 pm

      Venue - Henriques Hall, Seva Kendra, 52B, Radhanath Chowdhury Road Kolkata - 700015. Near Sealdah Station.
      Directions - http://bit.ly/VUwL4o

      Organizers - Sustainable Mobility Network India (SUMNet India), Switch ON, NAPM Kolkata in partnership with Cycle Samaj, KCAAJRC and PBABS.

      RSVP - We have limited seats. Please fill up the form on http://bit.ly/1zrjlMg and we will confirm your participation.

      About the Speakers -
      Dr. Anvita Arora is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Innovative Transport Solutions (iTrans) Pvt. Ltd. and the resident representative of Interface for Cycling Expertise (I-CE), Netherlands for their Bicycle Partnership Program in India. She is an Urban transport planner and has been working on the social dimensions of urban transport for over 10 years, specifically on poverty and gender issues. She works to incorporate the needs of marginal road users like the pedestrians, bicyclists, rickshaw pullers, hawkers and the disabled in the mainstream of urban transport design and is a certified trainer on non-motorized transport. She is currently working with several cities in India on these issues.

      Dr Rajendra Ravi is a Transport Expert and a Social Worker. He is the Director of Institute for Democracy and Sustainability.

      Heres an invite to the Program - http://switchon.org.in/India/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Invite.jpg

      Look forward to have you with us for the dialogue, and make this as inclusive as possible.


      Ekta Jaju

    2. RTI data proves that Cycle Ban is 'Arbitrary and Illegal'

      Ekta Kothari
      Petition Organizer
      No study to back restrictions on cycles, admits Kolkata police

      Staff Reporter The Kolkata police, which imposed restrictions on 174 city roads on the movement of cycles and other non-motorised transport in May, admitted in its reply to an RTI enquiry that it has no concrete data to substantiate its arguments in the matter.

    3. Deputation to Transport Minister - Confirms Cycle Ban Illegal

      Ekta Kothari
      Petition Organizer
      West Bengal transport minister calls cycle ban in Kolkata illegal

      State government yet to revoke ban on non-motorised transport despite repeated protests, calls from civil society and advisory from Union Ministry of Urban Development "I have been fined three times this month while delivering milk," says an angry Omkar Mandal. For over two decades now, Mandal has been cycling about 10 km every day to pick up and deliver milk.

    4. Transport City Dialogue - For a sustainable, equitable and inclusive Kolkat

      Ekta Kothari
      Petition Organizer
      Transport City Dialogue

      ' Transport City Dialogue' has been organized with the aim to have an open platform to share challenges on current transport system in Kolkata- in the context of the ban on Cycle and NMT in Kolkata.

    5. Reached 10,000 signatures
    6. We've been invited by Kolkata Police for a dialogue!

      Ekta Kothari
      Petition Organizer

      Kolkata police has invited us this tuesday 26th November '13 to have a dialogue on cycling in the city. This is a true victory - the first official positive response from Kolkata Police.

      We hope to represent multiple stake holders impacted by the Cycle & NMT ban and the growing pollution in the city, and hope to bring us all some much awaited solutions!



      Response to blog by Mr Derek O-Brien & Invitation to City Dialogue on the Ban of Cycle's in Kolkata - Chakra Satyagraha "De-Congest Kolkata" photo goes up on a Billboard at the Gariahat Crossing.

    7. Response to Derek O-Brien Blog

      Ekta Kothari
      Petition Organizer

      Mr Derek O-Brien MP from Trinamool Congress recently blogged about how bemused he was about the news on chakra satyagraha and cycle-nmt ban on media, and why he thinks it is the smartest decision the administration has taken. Plz find a reply to his blog - plz join the dialogue !!


      Response to Derek O-Brien

      Response to blog by Mr Derek O-Brien And Invitation to City Dialogue on the Ban of Cycle's in Kolkata Mr Derek O-Brien Member of Parliament All India Trinamool Congress 22 nd October 2013 Dear Mr O-Brien To put your allegation to rest, We are not from CPI(M) and far from being their friends.

    8. First Victory - Centre tells Mamata to Revoke the Cycle Ban!

      Ekta Kothari
      Petition Organizer
      Don't ban the wheel of urban life, Centre tells Mamata

      The Union Urban Development Ministry has finally recognised the ban on cycles imposed in Kolkata as a contravention of the National Urban Transport Policy, 2006, and decided to take up the issue with the Mamata Banerjee government.

    9. BBC condemns the cycle ban!

      Ekta Kothari
      Petition Organizer
      Why has an Indian city banned cycling?

      Every morning Raju Sapui cycles to his employer's home in the eastern Indian city of Calcutta. Mr Sapui works as a driver, but like most people in this teeming city, he cannot afford to buy a car or two-wheeler to commute. But things have suddenly turned difficult for Mr Sapui.

    10. NDTV covers Chakra Satyagraha!

      Ekta Kothari
      Petition Organizer
      Protests over Mamata Banerjee's ban on cycles in Kolkata snowball

      Till now, the loudest protests against the ban on bicycles in Kolkata came from the environmentally conscious. But now hundreds of milkmen have joined in. For them, the ban is proving to be a nightmare - police harassment and curdled milk. "Police stops us, fines us with Rs. 110... torture us...

    11. Reached 7,000 signatures
    12. Nobel Laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan says its a Giant step backwards!

      Ekta Kothari
      Petition Organizer
      A giant ride backwards

      The Nobel laureate doesn't own a car but rides a bicycle! said the Indian newspapers when I was thrust into the limelight a few years ago. Even as children, we used our bicycles to get to school and meet friends in my hometown of Vadodara.

    13. Reached 250 signatures
    14. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Neel Tamhane INDIA
      • about 1 month ago

      Banning a harmless, sustainable means of transport is ridiculous! More over a majority of the city depends on it.

      • about 1 month ago

      I love cycling

      • 2 months ago

      it save environment..., reduces carbon foot print... ..

    • Stuart Smith VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 2 months ago

      Economics, environmentalism, health, all of the abice

    • Clemens Weise KIGALI, RWANDA
      • 2 months ago

      because cycling, as a healthy and environmentally friendly means of transport, should be encouraged - worldwide!


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