Restore the Nova Scotia to USA ferry service
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Restore the Nova Scotia to USA ferry service

    1. patrick mcdonald
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      patrick mcdonald

      burton latimer, United Kingdom

There has been a ferry service between Yarmouth Nova Scotia and the USA since the 1880s. In 2009 the service was ended due to the provincial government withdrawing the subsidy that was necessary to keep the ferry operating.
The effect on South West Nova Scotia, and indeed the whole province, has been catastrophic. Many many businesses throughout Nova Scotia have suffered extreme financial hardship. Unemployment has risen sharply and people are suffering.
The loss of the large number of visitors coming into Nova Scotia means the government is also losing revenue, no ferry means no HST on many thousands of tourist dollars. For over a hundred years Americans used to come to Nova Scotia via a Yarmouth ferry. They chose the ferry because it is the closest and most direct route from their Eastern seaboard. The ferry sailed from Portland and Bar Harbour Maine in recent times but there was a ferry service from Boston Mass not that long ago.
Please sign this petition and help get a year round ferry back. If you can forward this via email to your contacts and/or share on Facebook that would be a great help, many thanks!

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    • marguerite cahoon WALTHAM, MA
      • about 2 years ago

      Friends and relatives in N.S,

    • PAULA Smith NAPLES, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      R u kidding. This ferry is essential to nova scotia tourism. Someone has dropped the ball here. As a Nova Scotian living in US I can't believe what has been allowed to happen to the Yarmouth area by short sighted politicians.

    • Thomas Laurent CAMDEN, ME
      • about 2 years ago

      My wife grew up in Yarmouth, and we have relatives and friends in Yarmouth and environs. We also now own a cottage on Lake Milo and are very keen on traveling all around Nova Scotia. Having to travel to St John for the Digby ferry adds significantly to every trip we make.

    • Rosemarie Nervelle CAMDEN, ME
      • about 2 years ago

      We bought a cottage in Yarmouth, my home town, hoping to retire there. I also have family in the US and need to be able to commute. The ferry provided an easy and comfortable means both ways. Yarmouth needs a year-round ferry for those who need to commute.

    • shelly goodwin YARMOUTH, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      bring back tourist and help businesses in NS


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