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      Valencia, CA

Revolution was the first modern vertical looping roller coaster, opening May 8, 1976 at Magic Mountain (now Six Flags Magic Mountain) in beautiful Valencia, California. Coaster fans praised the inspiring layout, with its dramatic swooping drops, spiraling curves, and the single majestic vertical loop.  The coaster was featured in such movies at Rollercoaster (1977), Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park (1978), National Lampoons Vacation (1983) and many other movies, commercials and television shows.  Revolution was the ultimate "Movie Star Coaster."

In a hasty move in 1992, Six Flags added over the shoulder restraints to the lap bar only trains. This caused a great deal of pain to riders, bumping back and forth between said restraints. It also necessitated addition of a near stop before the loop and a dramatic slow down afterwards, to decrease the amount of "head banging" that was happening. Revolution as it stands has lost the majority of it's fans. An incredible ride lies underneath the unnecessary shoulder bars and harsh brakes; one that is fun for the whole family, young and old thrill seekers alike.

The foliage around the ride has grown tremendously over the years.  This adds to the beauty and thrill of the ride itself, ducking under and around trees.  We would like to see the ride operated as it was meant to, and did from 1976-1992, with NO shoulder bars and with out harsh braking.  There is a great opportunity for Six Flags Magic Mountain to market the ride after a full "fixing up."  After the removal of the shoulder bars, we envision addition of a modern magnetic braking system, new station transport (the current one is in poor condition and very loud) as well as some general TLC where needed.

***First and main priority, however, is complete removal of the painful and view-blocking shoulder bars.***

Six Flags owns 2 other notable coasters built by the same manufacturer (Intamin) and designers (Anton Schwarzkopf and Werner Stengel) as Revolution.  Siblings Shockwave at Six Flags Over Texas (1978) and Mind Bender at Six Flags Over Georgia (1978).  Both coasters are more aggressive than Revolution, however they still run safely with lap bars restraints, no over the shoulder bars were added to those rides.  Both of those coasters still rate very highly with coaster enthusiasts.

Another sibling coaster to Revolution, the Sooperdooperlooper at Hersheypark in Pennsylvania (1977), has recieved 2 brand new trains for the 2012 season.  These new trains are duplicates of the original trains, including the simple and comfortable lap bar restraint; only slightly cosmetically different.  Sooperdooperlooper also recieved a refurbishment and new magnetic brakes.  The company that did the work is called Gerstlauer; they work out of the former facility of Anton Schwarzkopf.


Shockwave: http://www.rcdb.com/28.htm?p=0

Mind Bender: http://www.rcdb.com/37.htm?p=0

Sooperdooperlooper: http://www.rcdb.com/108.htm?p=0

Revolution: http://www.rcdb.com/130.htm?p=0


In addition to Revolution's siblings running around loops shoulder bar free, there continue to be newer loop coasters built with simple lap bars.  In the mid-90s, a company called Premier retrofitted most of its US coasters with lap bars, removing the painful shoulder bars.

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    • grant smith CULVER CITY, CA
      • 11 months ago

      the shoulder harnesses can create their own liability with migraines with all of the head banging. There has to be a better way around this.

    • Tommy Manfredi LONG BEACH, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I remember Revolution was my favorite Rollercoaster, now wit the restraints that hurt and how rough the ride has gotten, It's not fun to ride anymore.

    • Michael Brown COVINGTON, KY
      • about 1 year ago

      To restore an original classic as it was meant to be rode.

    • john gordon jr STOCKTON, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      Im wholeheartedly commited to this cause.I do not even look in the direction of the revolution because of my disgust for the ride now.It hurts me internally to feel this way about a iconic ride that ive known all of my forty years on this earth.My thoughts are a complete take down and in the same image constuct a new revolution that is up to date but still captures the essence of its forefather.PLEASE CONSIDER THIS BEFORE THE WORLD COMES TO AN END!

    • Elias Mertens SPRINGFEILD, MO
      • about 1 year ago

      Because the American Revolution and the Sooperdooperlooper are my two favorite roller coasters and they are both by my favorite designer Shwarzkopf and the sdl got a make over and I don't like seeing revolution going to pot and I hope when me and my friends at school save the abandoned amusement park in Branson Celebration City we hope to after a year get a coaster just like Revolution, it stands for everything America is: progressive and spectacular and free. God bless the Great America Revolution. P.S. I'm 12 and most kids my age like the huge extreme rides but the revolution catches my eye and I love the classics.


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