Oppose Installation of Bike Share / Rental Operations on Duane Park Block
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Oppose Installation of Bike Share / Rental Operations on Duane Park Block

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      Residents of Duane Park

Going Green is essential and something we all favor.  This effort includes the increased use of bikes for transportation in our city, which the New York City Bike Share Program aims to accomplish.  This is a great development!

Recently the DOT proposed locations for these commercial bike rental operations, city wide.  One proposed location is on the western end of Duane Park, in the middle of Duane Street.  This petition represents the residents who reside around Duane Park and who oppose the installation of this operation.  

Why do we question the installation of a commercial bike rental operation on the western end of Duane Park?

1.       Duane Park and its surrounding buildings are landmarked.  Such a highly commercial operation in the middle of the street would significantly diminish the antiquity and historical character of the block which the residents of Duane Street and the Landmarks Commission work hard to preserve.  (***Please see links to photos of the bikes with commercial logos for Citibank and the bike racks. And note, these racks cannot be used for regular bicycles).

2.       A row of bikes (despite their locking systems) adjacent to a park which has minimal, late night foot traffic, in our opinion, may serve as an attractive target for would be thieves, thereby potentially increasing criminal activity around Duane Park.

3.       There are other locations, located close to Duane Park, which would serve much better for a commercial rental operation.  For example, in front of the Food Emporium, on Greenwich Street at the corner of Duane.   There is ample sidewalk space in this location for the bike racks;  the commercial aesthetics of the bike racks would fit in well with the commercial exterior of the supermarket;  and the bike rental would be conveniently located by the supermarket for shoppers.

Again, by signing this petition, you agree that the bike rental program is a great development in our efforts to go green in New York.  But, you also believe there may be a better location in our neighborhood and that it is important to explore these options, before a final decision is made by DOT.


See pictures of bikes:



See pictures of bike racks:



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    • Warrington Hudlin NEW YORK, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Greenwich Street is a more appropriate nearby location.

    • Laurie Spiegel NEW YORK, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      This could block access to the fire hydrant located at the west end of the park, where they plan to station the 27 bikes. This block is used for many purposes that would be interferred with including the Taste of Tribeca, Tribeca Film Festival and other street events, the ability to maneuver trucks that the retailers on the block use, and the use of this block for film and tv shoots, for which it is a favorite and which often want the "period look" of this block. The west side of Greenwich St., a mere 1/2 block further west, is extremely wide, and these bikes would much better be put there.

    • John C Vennema NEW YORK, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Duane Park is a small out of the way jewel, a quiet spot in a noisy city. It makes no sense to put this facility in a place which is not a destination. The charm of this historic district which we have sacrificed to maintain would be tainted by this modern intrusion.

    • Ronald Ervolino NEW YORK, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Because the west side of Greenwich just seems like a much better location.

    • Patrick Parrish NYC, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      The bikes and signage would block a historical view both up and down Staples Alley/Street. All for bikes, all against view blockage.


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