Request to lower the liability insurance amount in regards to pit bulls
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City of Moscow
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Request to lower the liability insurance amount in regards to pit bulls

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      Pit Bull Awareness of The United States

October 2012


From Petition Creator Ronnie Van Zant: "We have fantastic news everyone! The petition we started and the advocacy in regards to the liability insurance requirements in Moscow Tennessee was successful!!! They have done away with that ordinance! WOO! We want to personally thank April Garrens for taking this task on and her work for change in her community! Without her and her want for change and an end to discriminatory practices, this couldn't have been accomplished! If you guys could give a special thanks and shout out to April it would be much appreciated! Advocacy works and was proven today! Thank you all! Thank you April!"

We want a change in ordinance in Fayette County Tennessee and Moscow City in regards to the liability insurance required to own a pit bull in the county. Currently there is an amount of $1,000,000 required coverage if you own a pit bull.

Most insurance companies cap out at $300,000 in coverage. This is essence creates an unsaid "ban" on pitbulls due to the requirement of that outrageous amount that is virtually impossible to aquire from any insurance company.

We want a more achievable liability requirement. One that insurance companies actually offer.

Through our research, of the 5 major insurance companies and some local companies, only one offered that amount of coverage for any animal, and it would cost a minimum of $1800 a year, depending on other variables in the house.

We want to be able to take care of our family members and not be pushed out of having them because of a ridiculous amount in liability insurance to cover anything that may or may not happen. The $1,000,000 price point set is an outrageous amount that is way more needed for any animal.

All dogs bite, and this is discrimination at its finest in regards to our beloved pets. We request you do the right thing and not discriminate against our pets, just as we don't discriminate against yours.




Contact Info for City Officials


Mayor Gladys Kercheval 25 Irwin St., Ext. Moscow, TN  38057 Phone: 901/877-3585 Email:      

Vice Mayor Virgil Jones P.O. Box 185, Moscow, TN  38057 Phone: 731/609-0990      

Alderman Othea Rhodes P.O. Box 185, Moscow, TN  38057 Phone: 901/896-6624      

Alderman Curtis Oliver P.O. Box 185, Moscow, TN  38057 Phone: 901/461-5981      

Alderman Gary Howell P.O. Box 185, Moscow, TN  38057 Phone: 901/288-5989      

Alderman Jerry Rhea 105 Fourth Ave.,
Moscow, TN  38057 Phone: 901/877-6207      

Alderman Tonya Kennon P.O. Box 185, Moscow, TN  38057 Phone: 901/896-6624

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    2. City Council Meeting

      The City Council has placed the liability insurance issue on the agenda to be discussed that day. We have an event created to drum up interest and support. you can find the event on our facebook page at or

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    Reasons for signing

    • Jessica DePonceau CUMBERLAND FURNACE, TN
      • about 2 years ago

      I love my Pitts & I am a responsible pet owner. Pitts are like any other dog & like children- they learn by example & their attitude is fostered & nurtured by the people around them. We are no longer allowed to treat people a certain way because of race or ethnicity yet we treat pitts a certain way because they are pitts. It is time to be kind to everyone & stop encouraging discrimination

    • Lisa Page MEMPHIS, TN
      • about 2 years ago

      I am a proud pittie baby owner, and the liability insurance amount currently required is discriminatory.

    • Debbie Davis OLD HICKORY, TN
      • about 2 years ago

      BALL is wrong! Punish the people who abuse and torture these beautiful dogs and we can alleviate the fear. These dogs are sweet, loving, and loyal and don't deserve the reputation they have. It comes from ignorance and false fear. Help change society's opinion through education and positive action!

    • Tonya Taylor MOSCOW, TN
      • about 2 years ago

      You can train any animal to be mean, why single out one breed. People need to be singled out not Pits.

    • Sheri Martin GLENBURN, ME
      • about 2 years ago

      All insurance company's have nothing but a right to steal. We don't need one more entity telling us how to live and what we can have in our homes. If people don't like our dogs, stay away from our property !!


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