Romanian Police MUST find the criminal and the one who instigated and PUNISH THEM
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Prefect of Maramures
Anton Rohian

Romanian Police MUST find the criminal and the one who instigated and PUNISH THEM

    1. Mira Iordanescu
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      Mira Iordanescu

      Toronto, Canada

ENGLISH VERSION : Romanian Police MUST find the criminals who tortured and killed the cats in Sighetul Marmatiei 

In the attention of Romanian authorities

It is the duty of the local Police, Prefect from the Maramures County and Sighetul Marmatieie to immediately take all the becessary measures in order to find the criminal who tortured and killed these cats, because he is a danger to the society, humans and animals.
This individual must be found and punished as well as the person who allegedly instigated him to commit these atrocious crimes. They BOTH must be punished based on the Romanian Laws for the Protection of animals ( 9/2008 ) and also based on the Romanian Penal Code ( Art324 ) which punishes the instigation to commit crimes and to violate the laws in force in your country.

"Cruzimi de neimaginat în cartierul Unirii din municipiu! Mai mul?i locatari se plâng de faptul c? cineva tortureaz? animalele din preajma blocului cu num?rul opt. Zeci de pisici au fost omorâte sau mutilate în acea zon?. Oamenii sunt îngrozi?i ?i spun c? nu le vine s? cread? c? a?a ceva e posibil.

That fact that the Police did not start immediately an investigation and did not make all necessary efforts to find this individual since August 2013 when these crames have been discovered is UNACCEPTABLE. How is it possible for the Police to let so many innocent animals be killed ? 
It is also necessary to find the person who allegedly instigated to these crimes because she/he is as guilty as the one who killed the cats.
This criminal MUST be found and punished in the most severe way, with jail time, as stipulated in the Romanian Laws for the Protection of Animals.

You must also take into consideration the emmotional and psychological trauma the people ( and children ) in that area have been exposed too.

It is the duty of local authorities to protect the citizens against any kind of trauma.
We hope that the Romanian Police will take all the necessary measures and will NOT stop until these criminals are caught.

Thank you

Reporter, Realitatea
Chief of Police, Maramures Police
Mayor, Sighetul Marmatiei Town Hall
Prefect, Prefect of Maramures
Chief Commissioner, Romanian Police
President, ANSVSA
Reporter, ProTv
Anton Rohian, Prefect of Maramures
reporter, Cotidianul
Romanian Police MUST find the criminal and the one who instigated and PUNISH THEM

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    • Herrmann Beate BüHL, GERMANY
      • about 1 month ago

      ich rufe laut STOP!!!!!!!!!

    • hamza erika DEBRECEN, HUNGARY
      • about 1 month ago

      hamza erika

    • Sandra Weber LINZ, AUSTRIA
      • about 1 month ago

      Rumänische Polizei muss den Verbrecher und wer angestiftet zu finden und zu bestrafen

    • scott soderlund INDIAN HARBOUR BEACH, FL
      • about 1 month ago

      the things that do this need to be caught and beat for years and years and than killed

    • Lotta Lindsjö HJäRUP, SWEDEN
      • 3 months ago

      Educate your people


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