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Rep. Michele Bachmann

Create Anti-"Gay-Bullying" legislation

    1. Chiraag Nataraj
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      Chiraag Nataraj

      Radnor, PA

There have been nine suicides in your district. NINE. And four of those students were either gay or rumored to be gay. FOUR. Yet you have done nothing about it. NOTHING. Regardless of your religion, how can you stand by and watch this happen? Where are your so-called "morals" which forbid the killing of innocent people? These kids are innocent of any wrongdoing. They take their own life because they cannot handle the taunts, insults, etc. thrown at them. Your school district has done absolutely nothing. It is time for you to act and show that you are a human being. Not acting at this point shows that you are a beast, incapable of compassion and understanding.

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    2. One Town's War on Gay Teens

      Chiraag Nataraj
      Petition Organizer

      This article documenting what has happened in Michele Bachmann's district was the catalyst for this petition.


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