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End the discrimination against WBC. Approve a 25 year lease.

    1. Petition by

      WorldBeat Center

The WorldBeat Center's mission is to heal the world through music, art and culture. For 31 years, the WorldBeat has provided love, support, strength and health for all people of different cultures. When separation has created conflict, the WorldBeat Center works to create unity and peace.

The WorldBeat Center is experiencing discrimination by the City of San Diego, Balboa Park. If the civil rights of the World Beat Center are being violated, so are the civil rights of the people. Institutional racism is a crime that impacts all people, especially those of color and minority. The World Beat Center serves under represented people in San Diego, including the indigenous, African and African-American communities.

To try to hinder the support of these people impacts the stabilities of families, children and the disabled. While funding and time for music and arts programs in schools are greatly reduced, the WorldBeat Center provides that time and energy to children. Furthermore, the center gives children the opportunity to open their minds to a more global and cultured perspective through music, art and community. The actions of the City of San Diego Balboa Park Administration, Parks and Rec are hindering the ability for these children to prosper and grow. We need to stand up and say enough to this hate. The WorldBeat Center promotes justice, peace and solidarity. Let’s save the beat of the world!

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    1. Reached 1,000 signatures
    2. Support WBC as an Institution in the Park

      Support and share our Worldbeat Cultural Center petition.
      GO TO WWW.CHANGE.ORG and put " WBC" on search box, then Sign WBC PETITION

    3. New information released on possible reasons for the city not issuing lease

      This document discribes a possible parking facility being build below WorldBeat Center with a road going through our building. This is part of a project by Mayor Jerry Sanders and Irwin Jacobs of Qualcomm.

    4. Meeting with the Mayors office

      WBC Staff had a meeting with the Mayors Office and he states "WorldBeat Cultural Center is not recognized by his office as an Institution in the City"

    5. Reached 750 signatures
    6. Silencing the Drums – Continued attacks by Balboa Parks and Recreation thre

      San Diego’s best known cultural center with a history of celebrating the cultural diversity of the region and the people who work there have become the targets of discrimination.


      !!! IMPORTANT !!!
      NOW ON TUESDAY, APRIL 10th @ 10am

      City Council have not given WBC a Item Number so we need to utilize the Non agenda public comment time.

    8. The WorldBeat Center is covered by the San Diego City Beat magazine

      The Article discusses the accusations made by Park & Rec and how WBC is appealing these claims as false accusations without factual evidence. It also discusses WBC being harassed and discriminated against.

    9. Makeda's Story is covered by the San Diego Reader

      The Article "Your Child is My Child" on Makeda Cheatom, Executive Director of WorldBeat Center. A very compelling story on Makeda's history and how Park & Rec has treated her since the beginings considering Institutionalized Racism.

    10. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Mitch McNamara SAN DIEGO, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      culture is important to our city. wbc is awesome!

    • Rosalia Zamora ESCONDIDO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I am signing the petition to keep the arts alive in San Diego County! Music, dance and all artistic forms of one's self gives an inner strength and nurturing of the body and soul.

    • Verdell Smith SAN DIEGO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      There is know reason to end a lease to a place that has provide so much good for a city lacking just what the WBC provides!!!

    • jennifer perez GAITHERSBURG, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      MY VENT: You should not & would not want to take away any form of cultural education! Its is truth to our past of who we are Specificly. Now, people have more to learn about their parental heritage, when they're born multiracial. But previously, this land derived moreso by the native people that orginated on this land-opposed to the 'land-hoe' folks that washed ashore & made it a communist way of life..filled with robbery, negitivity, pain & death! In some retrospect, it seems like history is being repeated, and discrimination is kept at bay in this same fashion to prevent a thriving unification. i'm sure this used to be such a peaceful land till the centuries later that it was taken away...so why take away a token of what keeps us at bay with culture? Its conveniently available for many people to explore....no museum offers as much education as to what the WorldBeat Center has offered...in such detail. Why look at culture when you can be a part of it,(and if you don't want to take part in its offerings-then its just not the place for you explore, i guess, but there are many who would & do). I say: Just leave it be-permantly, as it gives our little future generations something more to learn in a depth of actions, rather than words. There should be more foundations worldwide to educate the wholesomeness of the world & its people. Thank you.

      Signed with kind regards,

      Jennifer & Melody(daughter)Perez

      Ps. I have gone over these details with my 8 year old daughter, who knows & enjoys the WorldBeat Center, with her own intent, she steadily agrees with the Protection Ordered by the WorldBeat Center and its people. ~M.P.

    • Wally Ruland CHULA VISTA, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I like that the WBC adds diversity to the park. I also like what it does for the community and the fact that it's inexpensive. It's where it belongs so it can continue serving not only the citizens of San Diego County but also all the tourists.


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