Renovate the JP Branch Library
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Renovate the JP Branch Library

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      Friends of the Jamaica Plain Branch Library

The Jamaica Plain Branch Library building was the first structure built by the City of Boston for use as a branch library. Today, in terms of circulation, the Jamaica Plain Branch is often the most heavily used branch of the 26 branches, even though many other branches are housed in larger and newer buildings, have more library staff and are open more hours each week.

Since 2004 dozens of individuals in the Jamaica Plain community have volunteered and invested hundreds of hours of their time toward the goal of achieving a comprehensive renovation and expansion of the Jamaica Plain Branch Library. These efforts began by obtaining over 1,200 petition signatures in support of this goal and continued with the completion of a Task Force Expansion Study in conjunction with the City’s Property and Construction Management Department and the Boston Public Library.

On December 7, 2006, the Jamaica Plain Branch Library Expansion Study was published by the City of Boston Property & Construction Management Department. The complete master plan can be viewed at

In that study the following was stated:

--While it has received some improvements over the years, the library is largely unchanged since the construction about 95 years ago.
--The library lacks basic accessibility features expected of all public buildings.
--The children’s area is small, lacks space for associated children’s programming, and is the main traffic pathway for the branch.
--The large collection and reading rooms on the main floor are…cramped with equipment,shelving, and library materials.
--The central problem of the library is its small size with a floor area of only 10,200 square feet—almost half of which is not available for library programming—it is too small to serve thefunctions expected of it.
--The adult collections lack comfortable reading areas, and there is not a dedicated young adults area.
--Computer access points are insufficient.

A final proposed design concept was presented in the December 2006 report. It is now 2012, and the City has still not allocated the capital funding needed to renovate our branch.

Mayor Menino and the City Council will soon be making their final decisions on projects to include in the fiscal year 2013 capital budget; that budget should include funds to renovate and expand the Jamaica Plain Branch Library. We need your help to advocate for our branch and this project. Please sign our peition to Mayor Menino and the City Councilors and ask them to include funding and make the renovation and expansion of the Jamaica Plain Branch Library a priority in the FY 2013 capital budget.

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    • Rosalind Berman-Myerson SOUTH WEYMOUTH, MA
      • over 1 year ago

      I used to live in both Dorchester and Roslindale and am very familiar with Jamaica Plain. The residents of Jamaice Plain deserve this renovation.

    • Carolyn Gregory JAMAICA PLAIN, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      Jamaica Plain Library at Sedgwick Street has become one of my homes away from home over the nearly fifteen years I have lived here as a publishing writer and poet. It is welcoming to all in the community with superb librarian support. The library receives heavy use from adults and families and deserves overdue renovations.

    • Holly Guran ROSLINDALE, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      This library is a busy, active place offering much value to the community. The staff are very helpful and the space seems always quite filled!

    • Jennifer Markell JAMAICA PLAIN, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      I use this library every week, and it is always busy, both with adults and children. The facility has outgrown its original footprint and needs expansion to accommodate the JP residents who rely on it.

    • Sandra Storey JAMAICA PLAIN, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      The space in the library is an important resource for the community. It needs to expanded so uses and activities aren't so crowded and close to one another.


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