Renew America's Water: Support Public Water for All
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Renew America's Water: Support Public Water for All

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      Food & Water Watch

Many of our water systems were built over 100 years ago, and many are in need of serious upgrades to ensure we all have safe water. Last year, there was a $29 billion shortage in the funds needed to upgrade and maintain water systems around the U.S.

Since the bottled beverage industry is a major user and abuser of our nation’s water, we're proposing that the money to fund local water systems will come from a one-cent per ounce tax to manufacturers of water-based beverages such as bottled water and soft drinks. The Renew America's Water campaign would put the money from this tax into dedicated federal funding to close this gap, and could create up to 750,000 green jobs fixing our water systems.

The Renew America's Water Campaign will be a big win for local communities, the economy and our environment. Join our campaign today by signing the petition to Renew America's Water:

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    • Maeda Ruriko ICHIHARASHI, JAPAN
      • about 3 years ago

      Please keep harmony with nature,animals and human rights.Please respect enviroment.Please commit human's crim anoymore.

    • Maeda Hiroko CHIBA, JAPAN
      • about 3 years ago

      Please keep harmony with nature,animals and human right.This earth belong to not only human but also animals and plants,other living things.Humans should not commit crime anymore.

    • Maeda Kimiko CHIBA, JAPAN
      • about 3 years ago

      Humans are selfish and irresponsible.We should keep company with enviroment,animals and humas right.We should respect other nature.Please don't commit human's crime anymore.I am against animal and nature's abusing.

    • Robin Kivett DUBUQUE, IA
      • over 3 years ago

      Our water in Missouri is so nasty that we cook with bottled water. Good water for all is needed!

    • carolyne morgan MONTGOMERY, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      people need to do their part too, by not using cleaned water to water lawns, flush toilets and wash cars. Rainwater catchment should be mandatory, rain barrels should be provided to a town with no potable water. look into "sawdust compost collection toilets"-they are a successful way to deal with humane waste, in a more environmentally sound manner. I don't know why water flush toilets are the norm, when gallons upon gallons of CLEAN water is contaminated with waste, then energy is spent to clean it again. Soooo wasteful, why not NOT get the water dirty to begin with? All these desert countries could use a form of the sawdust toilet (totally water free operation-very cheap to make, a hundred $'s or less), and save the water to grow crops for starving people. plant drought tolerant plants, instead of grass that needs watered every day, or use greywater to water the lawn, then the dirty tub or dish water can be used twice and not wasted, nor have wasted energy to clean it, only to be dirtied to clean it again, etc. Dishwashers are more water saving than hand washing dishes. route rain water into a water heater, to get FREE water that doesn't come from the energy to clean cycle. Use duckweed to clean water.


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