Remove Humane Society of the United States from non-profit list. Sign the Petition
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Remove Humane Society of the United States from non-profit list. Sign the Petition

    1. Gene Trisch
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      Gene Trisch

      Springfield, ME

The HSUS takes in hundreds of millions each and spend less then 1% on animal shelters. The rest of the money goes to Lawyers and Lobbyists. The HSUS uses very deceptive TV ads under guise names  asking for donations.  The HSUS does very little to help dogs & cats as shown in TV ads. The HSUS goal is to stop all hunting, animal agriculture & back door gun control.  Each state have biologists who are trained in ethical ways of controling wild game  populations and protect the public.  If those population control methods are outlawed the animal population will increase!  This will be a HUGE PUBLIC SAFTEY ISSUE as you will see in the picture. Last,  There have been 150  complaints filed with the FTC  against the HSUS.  It is time to remove the HSUS from the non-profit list with the IRS.  And Lois Lerner did nothing.  But she did attack right wing groups.

Internal Revenue Service IRS, Internal Revenue Service IRS
Remove Humane Society of the United States from non-profit list.

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    • James McClellan HARPERS FERRY, WV
      • 2 days ago

      I hate their deceptive methods, and they shouldn't be allowed to operate with the practices they use. Anyone else would already be in jail.

    • Daniel Vaughan GORHAM, ME
      • 5 days ago

      Tired of these lawyers coming to Maine to push their agenda on us.

    • Catherine Roca HUDSON, FL
      • 7 days ago

      so many reasons y i find this an important fight for animal protection. humane society among others are being dishonest and deceptive.

    • Amber Griffith SPRING HILL, FL
      • 7 days ago

      Cause they are a fraud and they are lying to people.

    • dustin mccarthy SAND LAKE, MI
      • 8 days ago

      The HSUS actually will pay actors to stand in and film shots of hunters taking game and doing brutal things to it. They have come to Michigan to try to stop the wolf hunt their false proposals and ad campaigns are now running on TV, What they do not know is legislation was already passed to allow the DNR and NRC to determine if the wolf hunts will continue so the issue is moot. but instead of helping wildlife they could be helping like say saving the elephants which in the next ten years will go buh bye, thanks to poaching, they waste it on making money. In Michigan we have Hunters who donate enough game and meat to feed 150,000 people each year. Have you ever heard of the humane society donating to anything but their pockets? It's just the latest attack as they do this all over the country and it's to stop all forms of hunting and fishing. my rude comment would be if you see one of them kick them in the ass maybe that will jumpstart their brain into the reality of the fact we need scientific measures to mange and care for wildlife. not bleed hearts who think hugging a wolf would be fun!


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