Remove anti-choice lobby group ‘Life’ from gov sexual health forum
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Remove anti-choice lobby group ‘Life’ from gov sexual health forum

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      Cat Jones

      Oxford, United Kingdom

The anti-choice lobby group LIFE has been appointed to the new government sexual heath advisory panel. This is disturbing for a number of reasons. LIFE is a group that opposes abortion in all circumstances  - in their words “The most important and influential part of LIFE's ethos is our opposition to all abortion on principle.” LIFE is also opposed to the use of contraception; promoting abstinence-only approaches.

Furthermore, the inclusion of Life has been at the expense of BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service), a group with 40 years of experience in pregnancy counselling, including a long-term involvement with the previous sexual health advisory panel, that runs more pregnancy advice bureaus than the rest of the agencies put together. Despite this nationwide experience and proven track record, the department of health has excluded BPAS from this panel.

The aim of LIFE is not to provide the best health and care for women, but to stop ANY abortion from occurring, even in cases of rape and incest. BPAS, in contrast, offers unbiased counselling that aims to help a woman make the best choice for herself and her situation, whether that is to continue the pregnancy, adopt or abort. The key word is choice.

Sign our petition to demand that Anne Milton, Minister for Public Health, retract her invitation to LIFE and instead reinstate BPAS to the sexual health advisory panel. Women’s health should not be left in the hands of extremists that want to take away our right to protect ourselves and our right to chose.


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