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Please release THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM on DVD/BluRay/digital stream and download

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      Friendsof BrosGrimm

We have passed the 60th anniversary of Cinerama, and the 50th anniversary of the two Cinerama/MGM co-produced films that tell a narrative story. We appreciate the Warner disc release of HOW THE WEST WAS WON, and now four other original 3-strip Cinerama features are available on video, with the others being prepared for release.  At this point the ONLY 3-Strip Cinerama film not on its way to video is MGM's epic family feature THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM.

After WBHV's George Feltenstein reported "extensive damage" to the original 3 strip Cinerama WWotBG negatives in 2009, we learned that the negative damage is actually minimal and limited to only the edge of one of the three panels.  There reportedly is also an undamaged 65mm composite negative (containing all 3 panels) of WWotBG that might be a viable source to master from.  

The Cinerama travelogues have been mastered by Image Trends, with new technology called Digital ICE that purports to be able to restore or repair film to its original look.  This company has worked with both 65mm composite and 3 strip Cinerama elements already, with results good enough to sell on disc and broadcast on TCM.

We are aware that the version of the film regularly broadcast on Turner Classic Movies was updated to include parts previously missing from the home video versions, and reveals more of the picture than was visible on the laserdisc. Comparison images are viewable at http://cineramahistory.com/grimmtcm.htm

With their sponsoring involvement in the Hollywood Cinerama festival, and having discussed the possibility of showing WWotBG at their own festival in Spring 2013, clearly our friends at TCM have a keen interest in this film.  If the film were digitally remastered, TCM would then have a much better version to broadcast, especially in HD.  

The 2015 TCM festival is coming up, and perhaps sharing the cost of a new transfer would benefit both TCM and WBHV as they could cross promote each other...  If the film were featured at the TCM Festival, perhaps interviews done there with surviving cast members could be added to the subsequent disc release.  

As Mr. Feltenstein mentioned several years ago that he felt the market for this film was not as large as that for How The West Was Won, we sign this petition to indicate OUR interest.  With the recent popularity of TV shows and movies based upon Grimm stories and other fairy tales, we feel it is time to re-evaluate the marketability of this title.  WBHV's deluxe Blu Ray release of HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON confirms that WB feels there is now a market for vintage movies related to fairy tales.  

We ask that Warner Home Video confer with Turner Classic Movies, and review all possible options for a new digital transfer and disc release of THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM, so that the film's fans, plus more who have gained interest from recent TV shows, may be able to buy a good copy of this film sooner rather than later... and we can live happily ever after.

In addition, as none of us is getting any younger, we ask that Warner/TCM approach the few surviving cast members, (Barbara Eden, Claire Bloom, Yvette Mimieux, Russ Tamblyn, Bryan Russell, etc.) ASAP to record interviews and commentary for the eventual release, and to enhance current TCM showings.

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      Friendsof BrosGrimm
      Petition Organizer

      At the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival a highly respected hero of film preservation and digital mastering confirmed that WBHV has indeed recently looked into the possibility of preparing THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM for consumer media.

      We learned that the studio wished to do the work on it rather than outsource it to the company doing the other Cinerama films, that the 65mm composite elements were not considered good enough to master from, that the cost was recently estimated, and the project was still considered too expensive.

      In other words, if they are going to do anything with the film, they would do it themselves in the best possible quality, but not now. That was both admirable and somewhat disappointing, but this source was kind enough to encourage our grassroots effort to keep asking for it.

      It should be pointed out that this petition has accumulated over 400 signatures from around the world with practically NO promotion. Consider how many more we can gain if we all spread the word. We know that Warners is aware of this petition, and the more signatures they see, the more reason there would be to consider such a labor intensive and costly endeavor.

      We're grateful for the studio's attention, pleased that they would want to do a first class job, and that they made the effort to explore the cost. So let's try and reach more people to let them know this petition has a chance of eventually succeeding if we get the numbers up.

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      • 6 days ago

      Brother's Grimm is the ONLY genuine, COMPLETELY Cinerama 3-strip narrative feature. HTWWW contains TODD-AO and Ultra Panavision footage

    • Lisandro Torres MARGATE, FL
      • 19 days ago

      Love that period of movies. Just so grand! Please Warner bros release this movie on bluray/DVD.

      It's a must for history on Cinerama.


    • David Welling HOUSTON, TX
      • 20 days ago

      I saw this tim in Cinerama in Houston when I was a child.

    • Alan Bond AUSTRALIA
      • 21 days ago

      This a childhood favourite that I saw in the original 3 panel CINERAMA at the Hoyts Plaza in Sydney.

      I have two copies of the original hard back souvenir program, one with the original box set Deluxe Edition of the soundtrack as storised with dialogue and music from the film. It is narrated by Charlie Ruggles.

      It would be an artistic benefit for all the actors and technicians involved in making this film to see that the hard work that went into it is not lost.

      So therefore the 3panel film with the Smilebox format would also be a benefit to the children of all ages and of the world.

      In Conclusion, it would be a great tribute to producer and director, George Pal.

    • roxanne ames CASTRO VALLEY, CA
      • 22 days ago

      this movie deserves a proper US release on dvd or blu ray. its long overdue. I used to watch it over and over on a vhs copied from tv when I was a kid. now I want to own a copy of this wonderful film on dvd or blu ray.


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