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Release Seventh-day Adventist Pastor Monteiro

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April 2014


From Petition Creator: Antonio Monteiro was released from prison in Togo.

Since March 2012, Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders in Togo have worked tirelessly, petitioning the government to release Pastor Antonio Monteiro and church member Bruno Amah from their wrongful imprisonment.

The two Adventists were accused of conspiracy to committ murder by a convicted criminal who requested financial help from their church after his release from prison. The former convict was arrested once more for an alleged connection to a local blood trafficking ring. After interrogation, the convict gave the names of Monteiro and Amah to the police.

Local authorities searched Pastor Monteiro's home for evidence. Despite finding none, they placed Monteiro under arrest, along with his church elder, Bruno Amah. The men have been in prison for one year, without any word of a trial date or possible bail. 

Shortly before the March 15 anniversary of Monteiro’s arrest, the government denied the fifth appeal for release, with no explanation. We’re asking you to continue to sign and share this petition, which we can take to the Togo government as proof of our church’s dedication to supporting our wrongfully jailed pastor. Please help us reach our signature goal!



Pray4Togo - Necesitamos de tu ayuda!

Desde marzo del 2012, líderes de la iglesia adventista del séptimo día en tofo han trabajo incansablemente pidiendo al gobierno la liberación del pasto Antonio Monteiro y el miembro de iglesia Bruno Amah por su equivocada encarcelaron.

Los dos adventistas fueron acusados de conspiración y cometer asesinato por un criminal convicto que pipidió ayuda financiera a su iglesia después de ser liberado de prisión, el convicto fue arrestado una vez mas por presuntas conexiones a una organización local de trafico de sangre, después de la interrogación el convicto dio los nombres de Monteiro y Amah a la policía.

Las autoridades locales revisaron la casa del pastor Monteiro en busca de evidencias, pese a no encontrar ninguna, pusieron a monteiro bajo arresto junto con el anciano de iglesia,Bruno Amah. Estos han estado en prisión por un año, sin fecha de un posible juicio o oportunidad fianza.

poco antes del 15 de marzo aniversario de el arresto de Monteiro, el gobierno negó la quinta apelación por libertad, sin explicación. Estamos pidiendo que firmes y compartas esta petición, que podremos llevar al gobierno de de Togo como prueba de la dedicación y apoyo de nuestra iglesia a nuestro pastor injustamente encarcelado, por favor ayudamos a alcanzar nuestra meta.


Seventh-day Adventist Church members
I am joining the Seventh-day Adventist world church in calling for the release of imprisoned pastor Antonio Monteiro and church member Bruno Amah. Monteiro has been falsely detained since March 2012. Even though there is no evidence of guilt, the men have been held without hope of bail or a trial. Please join me in calling for the government of Togo to release Pastor Monteiro and Bruno Amah.

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    Reasons for signing

    • silvia gutierrez SANTA FE, ARGENTINA
      • 3 months ago

      we pray for freedom!they were unjustified in jail

    • Nella Ishimwe LASALLE, CANADA
      • 7 months ago

      justice needs to be done

      • 7 months ago

      " Be Yourself, not matter what they say.."

    • orina mosoti NAIROBI, KENYA
      • 7 months ago

      Dear Servant of God,

      We are glad for your faith and truth which you have posted on your website which indicate that God has inspired you more about the coming Kingdom. We praise be to

      God because He has purpose why we have been directed to contact you to join our local congregation which have the Brethren who are 45 who are glad to have you as our spiritual leader who can inspire us more because our prayer is that we need to grow in the word so that even us can spread the word before the second coming of Jesus Christ. God bless you as we

      Look forward to hear from you.


      I am kindly hereby requesting you to consider assisting the Bible. And also request for affliction so that God’s message can reach the unreached here in my community and neighbors with God’s word.


      To so love of God and support


      To reach many people with the true message of God, make our community for God’s people to live in and show mercy and kindness to less privileged in the community.


      I kindly invite you to come to Kenya any time you may find it convenient to you and come and see us.

      Thank you, I hope to see a reply from you. May god bless you

      Yours Brother Mosoti

    • Amram Ramy Marciano Mendosa JERUSALEM, ISRAEL
      • 7 months ago

      When you become naked

      You go back

      To where it all started;

      Fabrizio Porro

      Whisperes in your ear:

      Everyday is like a Saturday -

      You don't have to

      Wash your clothes.

      You don't have to

      Go out of bed,

      'cause there's nothing

      Out there -

      You're baby's crying.

      Let him cry,

      'Cause there's

      No more evil in the world

      And he must get

      Used to this idea.

      A lamp is shining

      Over your head -

      Amram Ramy Marciano Mendosa


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