Release Gabriel Garcia Ruiz from ICE Jail
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Release Gabriel Garcia Ruiz from ICE Jail

    1. Georgia Latino  Alliance for Human Rights
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      Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights

      Atlanta, GA

Gabriel Garcia Ruiz was brought to the United States when he was only twelve years old, and he is about to turn twenty. He was brought to this country by his siblings to give him a better life.  Gabriel just focused on his studies and playing soccer. He is loved by his community and all he wants to do is succeed in life.

Gabriel is currently a senior at Warner Robins High School. On May 9th, 2011 he received a call from school saying that he could go pick up his cap and gown to graduate this May. He was really excited and was driving to pick up his gown, when he was stopped by the police for “not having a seatbelt on.” When asked for a driver’s license he was unable to give an officer one and was detained.

Currently, Gabriel is in Houston County Jail, the bond has been paid already, and he is waiting for ICE to pick him up. Gabriel wanted nothing more than to join the Marines and defend the country he has called home for such a long time.

We need to stand with Gabriel and urge ICE to release him and grant him deferred action -- please sign the petition now.

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    • dulce guerrero MABLETON, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      We stand in solidarity with you Gabriel from Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance!!!!! Stay strong, you will be out before you know it. Janet Napolitano set this dreamer free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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