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      Reform Metro

Washington DC Metro Transit is unable to meet the standards that its commuters have. DC Metro's fares are among the highest in the nation and has been labeled as one of the worst metro systems. Day after day trains continue to be delayed. Trains are unable to directly travel from one station to the next without stopping several times due to delayed trains. DC Metro closes down late at night/early morning, yet they decide to do track work during the day, causing major headaches for thousands of commuters. Other area's metro systems do track work or any construction during the late night period, when the least amount of people are traveling. What makes things worse is that DC Metro is seriously considering raising fares for commuters. It is time DC Metro knows that major reforms are needed before they even consider raising a penny on our fares. End the delays and the constant head aches commuters have. Reform DC Metro!

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    • CeCe Williams CLINTON, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      We live in the nations capital and have the WORST subway system in the country along with the highest prices! I have NEVER in my life seen such incompetency! The system sucks so bad that I don't even know where to begin. How about starting with the incompetent, illiterate, ghetto employees that they hire that don't have an answer for ANYTHING that you ever ask them. My smarttrip card just stopped working on me. I stopped at the booth and asked the metro employee if she could assist me. She ran the card through metro's scanner and came back and told me that it's not longer working! Duh!!!! That's the reason I gave the card to you. So then I ask if she could tell me why it's not working. "I don't know", was her answer. Okay, well how am I suppose to get out of the parking lot if my card doesn't work. "I really couldn't tell you because the parking lot is owned by a differnt company". WTF!??? Are you being serious right now? The list goes on and on. It's RIDICULOUS! Someone needs to shut metro down! I will ride a bike to work from now on before I give those IDIOTS at metro another dime of mine!


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