Reform Intake, Adoption, and Euthanasia Policies At NYC ACC
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Reform Intake, Adoption, and Euthanasia Policies At NYC ACC

    1. Max Eber
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      Max Eber

      Baltimore, MD

All animal control across the country are in need of serious reform, but the New York ACC are slaughterhouses, taking in many, many cats and dogs surrendered by owners willingly and shortly euthanize them. Anywhere from 15-25+ cats and dogs are put on the list each day and killing can begin as soon as 6 am.
Volunteers and workers in the NYC ACC centers post profiles of them online so people can rescue them, this is hardcore cataloging and it is terrifying to watch as the profiles are taken down and put into "Gone but Not Forgotten" albums. The ACC should be networking, contacting independent rescues and groups to literally outsource former housecats that are surrendered or seized: animals that are already neutered and spayed, ASPA tattooed individuals, overweight and declawed cats all show signs of former ownership and should be placed elsewhere. Animals over the age of 8 should be also sorted out elsewhere.

Owners who turn in pets over claims like "new baby", "allergies" and others, if such cats and dogs show signs of neglegence as many of them do, criminal action should be followed suit for negligence. We need to stop the thinking that you can treat animals wrong and get away with it and just drop them off somewhere if you don't want them.

There are people wanting to come rescue them, WILLING, but there is so much red tape in order to pull from them via rescue not to mention an absurd time for arranging rescue, 9pm-6am when most people sleep, it is almost impossible to rescue and often times it is too late. Sure rules are there for some reasons, zealous cat collectors rescuing animals is something you do not want, or that guy who tortured cats after adopting them from NY that was recently caught in Baltimore, MD is also not something you want either. But it shouldn’t be this hard and the ACC centers should have greater support, considering mayor Bloomberg is a billionaire and could easily solve their problems with a check that only takes out 1/10 of his income.

Not only are many of the animals at the centers surrendered, but the ACC openly accepts them as strays, even if it’s obvious it was once someone’s pet. Some have the gall to claim it isn't even their pet when more often than not, it was. In this instance,it is shocking they do not direct people to better venues to surrender their pet. It appears some people who surrender even think their pet has a chance to find a new home according to the way they fill out their questionnaire about their cat. It is one thing when a cat comes in that is sick and needs to be put down due to true incurable illness or injury, a stray that was just fatally hit by a car, etc, but the animals they put down here are often from the look of pictures were generally very nice housecats that were betrayed by owners and given low scores due to them being scared, depressed, and angry and thus act out, earning a low behavior rating….for acting perfectly appropriate in their situation or getting a cold, which is common in poor facility conditions.

The animal control centers in NYC show NO signs of openly working on getting such former pets (especially middle aged to senior pets often turned in due to moving, loss of home, or owner's death) out to sanctuaries and specialized rescues that can ensure them homes. If they showed that initiative and allowed co-operation with rescues across the nation, a network, then a great deal of these animals would still be alive and out of their centers, and instead they could then deal with the extremely feral and extremely sick instead of being congested with sulking former pets.

New York City is supposed to be a model of excellence and is one of America’s most iconic of cities. Our crown jewel of culture. You would think, then there would be more anger for such inadequate and heartless practices and underfunding when their mayor is so rich and successful. I highly urge people to support the call for change. New Yorkers, I urge you to take a look at the photo albums for the cats,

Every single one, and then their sister page for dogs, and then take action, because like Occupy Wall Street, inaction doesn’t give results. Please find it in your heart to reform the way the ACC centers work. And for those who work there and are not the kind volunteers that do what they can to save the animals, how can you live with yourselves?

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      Max Eber
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      We reached 15k! Please keep passing around and if we have updated contact information for NYCC chairs and directors I'd most appreciate it.

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      Max Eber
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      Please keep sending to your friends and family. Let's make NYC a good role model so other shelters follow suit

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    • Slava Raboki NY, NY
      • 2 months ago

      Reform Intake, Adoption, and Euthanasia Policies At NYC ACC

    • anastasia alex VERDUN, CANADA
      • 3 months ago

      I fail to see why healthy cats & dogs need to be put down. In the UK there are shelters you can take them to who neuter & vaccinate them & take care of them until they are rehomed. Why can the US not adopt the same model?

    • Sharon Boulanger ELLINGTON, CT
      • 3 months ago

      All animals have wonderful potential to make a difference n someones life. They deserve this chance to find a home where they are loved.

    • Monica Suazo ALBUQUERQUE, NM
      • 3 months ago

      I believe every life is to be respected and never abused. These are Gods creation and we don't have a right to take the lives of these innocent animals that could be used for the disabled or handicaped peaople.

    • gail gilbert EAST NORTHPORT, NY
      • 3 months ago

      all animal deserve to live


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