Reduce Tobacco's Harm in Minnesota
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Reduce Tobacco's Harm in Minnesota

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Cheap, candy-flavored, tobacco products put our kids at risk and undermine the integrity of our laws.

Cheaper than cigarettes, little cigars come in flavors that appeal to kids, like grape, cherry and strawberry, and are an easy way to get kids addicted at a young age.

Functionally, little cigars are cigarettes. However, because they are wrapped in brown paper, they have been misclassified in law as an "other tobacco product." This loophole unfairly gives favorable tax and regulatory treatment to little cigars.

The solution? We need to classify little cigars as cigarettes by fixing the current definition of cigarette in the tax and commerce statues. 

The "Little Cigar Bill" prevents kids from getting addicted, helps current smokers quit, decreases tobacco-related health care costs, and saves lives.

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