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Remove the subreddit r/ShitRedditSays and associated subreddits

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      John Smith

      United Kingdom

The time has come for the user base of Reddit to take a stand. What was once a forum for intellectual discussion and free speech has become a haven for those with a malevolent agenda.

The users of ShitRedditSays have become a divisive and corrupting influence determined to silence any who they feel pose a threat to their views. Under the guise of removing child pornography they have consistently targeted and aggressively silenced their opposition.

Let us be clear, we who sign this petition abhor child pornography and the exploitation of those who cannot defend themselves.

We the users of Reddit ask the Admins to listen to this petition and recognise the damage that ShitRedditSays is causing. Not only are they damaging the public image of Reddit, but they are also destroying the lives and reputations of their users.

This is not about freedom of speech. It is about a group of people who react violently against those they deem necessary  SRS have repeatedly shown that they will use dirty tricks, such as sabotaging this petition and even threats of violence, to further their goals. 


Please ignore the troll-like signatures from SRS members who are just making our point for us.

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      • 11 months ago

      Stop female titticide. SRS literally is taking all the tits off reddit and many are also abortionsists who specialize in D&Cing male feti.

    • alex gavin LAUREL, MN
      • 12 months ago

      because shit reddit says uses the guise of their movement to simply bully anyone that disagrees with them and is extremely liberal with their bans.

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • about 1 year ago

      “Do you really believe ... that everything historians tell us about men – or about women – is actually true? You ought to consider the fact that these histories have been written by men, who never tell the truth except by accident.”

      ― Moderata Fonte

    • David Davidson BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      Stop male genocide

    • Really White-Dude CRACKERTON, TN
      • about 1 year ago

      SRS is everything that's wrong with Reddit! I can't make any racist, sexist, homophobic or just plain shitty jokes that make me look like a giant dillhole without some feminazi scum taking my karma! What the shit man, I posted like 200 meme's that mock and belittle minority viewpoints to earn that shit! And yet white racism is just completely ignored! Why aren't things in my life marginally easier than they already are???


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