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      Indialantic, FL

Florida Governor Rick Scott reacted to the worst Tuberculosis outbreak in recent history by signing laws to shrink the state's Department of Health, and shutting down the hospital where TB cases had been treated for the past 60 years. "It was early February when Duval County Health Department officials felt so overwhelmed by the sudden spike in tuberculosis that they asked the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to become involved," reports Stacy Singer for the Palm Beach Post. "Believing the outbreak affected only their underclass, the health officials made a conscious decision not to tell the public, repeating a decision they had made in 2008, when the same strain had appeared in an assisted living home for people with schizophrenia."

And it gets worse. The CDC issued a warning that tuberculosis was linked to 13 deaths, and 99 illnesses in the state and over 3,000 exposed in homeless shelters in the Jacksonville metropolitan area. Those scary statistics aren't the beginning of the bad, this is: That report was unseen by lawmakers and came out "exactly nine days after Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill that shrank the Department of Health and required the closure of the A.G. Holley State Hospital in Lantana, where tough tuberculosis cases have been treated for more than 60 years," reports Singer, who adds that the hospital, which is one of the four tuberculosis hospitals left in the country and the only one in Florida, was closed six months early on July 2. Essentially, those calling for the closure of the TB hospital had no idea there was a TB outbreak.

And in a final turn of the knife, it seems like cutting costs here may backfire. According to the Palm Beach Post, it may cost up to $500 per patient to treat, and $275,000 per drug-resistant strain, adding "Yet only 253 people had been found and evaluated for TB infection, meaning Florida’s outbreak was, and is, far from contained."

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    • rich dawgiert DELRAY BEACH, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      He has made this state impossible to deal with. Ie unemployment

    • Sheila Didier INDIALANTIC, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      This man is doing more damage to the citizens of this state than any governor of FL in history.(We've been here 60 years through Democrat or Republican-honorable people representing ALL the people of our state.) He has acted like a dictator since he was elected. I never realized one person in a democracy, in our United States of America, has the power to do what he does. It goes on and on--reject the rail system because HE doesn't think it's a good idea and our allotted money goes to another state; reject the Supreme Court ruling regarding health care--to heck with with those who were unfortunate to have had a health problem in their past and now can not get insurance they will willingly pay for, and other areas of the health plan; this bill that that he signed , shrinking the Department of Health that resulted in the closing of the one TB ,60 yr. old ,hospital,in our state! Goodness knows what other detrimental decisions he has made that I'm not aware of and what more will he do before his term is up?? He can not be allowed to continue to be our governor!!!!!!

    • m h MIAMI, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      We a new Governor that cares about the people health and not about power and money


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