Rebrand all content related to Project 4.1 and the Marshall Islands
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Rebrand all content related to Project 4.1 and the Marshall Islands

    1. Lisanne Petracca
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      Lisanne Petracca

      Long Island City, NY

December 2012


From Lisanne Petracca: After many weeks of fighting to get our voices heard, here is the official response from Hallow Inc.'s Director of Operations: "On behalfof Hallow Inc. I apologize for any pain we may have caused any Marshallese for the use of 'Project 4.1' as part of our marketing campaign. It was not the intention of our company to cause any suffering to the People of the Marshall Islands. Our back story was focused on a fictional pharmaceutical company, Atomic Advancements, conducting genetic testing and experiments. The premise of our attraction is mad scientists and the zombies are not representations of Marshallese people. Based upon your feedback, we will be changing the backdrop of our story and not be using the 'Project 4.1' name or title in any future endeavors." In other words, HALLOW INC'S USE OF PROJECT 4.1 FOR ANY PURPOSE IS OVER. Because we did not give up, because we kept sharing the petition, because we kept flooding their emails and Facebook site with our comments, Hallow Inc. will no longer be using Project 4.1 as their basis for this cheap form of "entertainment." Congratulations everyone. And I thank you for your incredible support.

We stand united against Hallow Inc., a Rockville, MD-based haunted house enterprise that has chosen to capitalize on the tragic past of a small island nation for profit and entertainment.  

The backstory of Hallow Inc.'s haunted house, named "The Warehouse: Project 4.1," draws upon Project 4.1, an unfortunate chapter in the history of the Marshall Islands in which the US government studied the effects of nuclear testing on human subjects. To this day, the United States has not formally apologized for the invasive medical studies affiliated with Project 4.1, and the Marshallese people are prevented from filing claims related to radiation exposure. In the meantime, people continue to die from radiation-related cancers, and babies from horrific birth defects. Not to mention that residents of Bikini and Rongelap atolls are still barred from returning to their contaminated homelands.   

This is taken directly from the website of Hallow Inc, the company behind the Haunted House: "The attraction is based on Project 4.1, which was the designation for a medical study conducted by the U.S. Government of residents on the Marshall Islands exposed to radioactive fallout from the March 1, 1954 Castle Bravo Accident. This attraction will be a realistic bloody, bio-hazardous warehouse filled with attacking zombies, decaying bodies, vicious military men and much more."  

This premise is quite obviously grossly insensitive to an entire nation of people that continues to struggle with the effects of nuclear radiation. And yet this company has chosen to profit at the Marshall Islanders' expense.  

There is a wide network of Marshallese people (and their allies) that is positively outraged over this company's idea of "entertainment." Our Facebook group, "United Against Hallow Inc's Haunted House," now has over 4,000 members from all over the world. Group members' posts on Hallow Inc'.s website sharing information about the nuclear testing and photos of the real-life victims of nuclear fallout were taken down within minutes. What are the Marshallese to do, sit back and watch as Hallow Inc. continues to make profits from their tragic past?  

Our many, many emails to Hallow Inc. have gone unanswered (save for a form response that everyone received). And the company's "Disclaimer," which was produced within 24 hours of the start of our protest, merely parroted back educational material we had provided to them and contained no original thought. The Marshallese people and their allies are still awaiting  (1) an apology and (2) a massive overhaul of this supposedly "fictional" backstory. This calls for a rebranding of the "Project 4.1" theme and all material related to the nuclear testing that occurred in the Marshall Islands. 

The people of the Marshall Islands have suffered enough. Let's do what we can to change the premise of this ill-conceived Halloween attraction. 

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      family members were victims

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      • almost 2 years ago

      The effects of nuclear testing on the people of the Marshall Islands are not amusing and should no one should be trying to profit on this terrible chapter in U.S. history.

      • almost 2 years ago

      Our Suffering is not for profit...Shame on U

      • almost 2 years ago

      Let them mock...there are always ways to skin a cat. Meow.


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