Rally Congressional Support for the National Housing Trust Fund
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Rally Congressional Support for the National Housing Trust Fund

    1. Carl Chancellor
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      Carl Chancellor

      Akron, OH

The National Low Income Housing Coalition, along with more than 2,225 organizations, is pushing Congress to fully fund the National Housing Trust Fund.

The NHTF was created as part of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. Once funded it will support the production, preservation and operation of rental homes for the lowest income Americans.

The NHFT is the first federal rental housing production program that is specifically targeted to extremely low income households since the Section 8 program was established in 1974.

Proposed legislation (S.3793) would provide $1 billion for NHTF and $65 million for vouchers to be linked with an estimated 10,000 rental units to be produced and preserved by the NHTF.

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      Josie Raymond
      Petition Organizer

      If I lived in New York, I know who would get my vote for governor. That's right, I'd put a big fat check mark next to the name of Jimmy McMillan.
      Admittedly, given his appearance it is easy to dismiss this Vietnam veteran and his political...


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