Raiders: Don't move to LA or Portland, Oregon -- commit to staying in Oakland!
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Raiders: Don't move to LA or Portland, Oregon -- commit to staying in Oakland!

    1. Dr Death
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      Dr Death

      West Sacramento, CA

Currently the citizens and fans of Oakland are fighting to keep our beloved Oakland Raiders in Oakland. The threat is from buyers in Southern California that want to bring the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles as soon as 2014. 

The Oakland Raiders are more than just a team to us but an integral part of our lives and culture. This is a grassroots movement to fight and show the City of Oakland, Mark Davis, the NFL and the rest of the world that we want to fight  to keep our beloved Raiders in Oakland.

Can you imagine taking the Packers out of Green Bay, the Yankees out of New York, the Lakers out of Los Angeles? We as Raider fans want to keep our Raiders where they belong, OAKLAND.

By signing our petition to Mark Davis, you can help make sure the Raiders stay in Oakland, hopefully forever.

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    • rich gannon PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS
      • 7 days ago

      The Raiders staying in oakland means everything to me as a former resident of oakland.Living here in kansas city when they come to town to play the chiefs its always special to hear them say the oakland raiders.brings back the fond memories of the classic chiefs/oakland raider rivalrys.

      when they moved away to LA,it infuriated not only myself but many chiefs fans that are friends of mine here in kc because hearing the name LA raiders just did not go over well with us.

      I tolerated it as a die hard OAKLAND RAIDER fan here in kc when they moved to LA,but if they move again away toany other city I will have had it wirh the raiders organization and the NFL for allowing this travesty to happen again and will never support the Raiders or NFL football again.get this thing done oakland.

    • Richard Wilson SAN JOSE, CA
      • 8 days ago

      I am a die hard Raider fan and I don't want the Raiders to leave Oakland. I was born and raised a Raider fan, without the raiders, Oakland would be worse than it already is to live in

    • Spencer Stephens MORGANTOWN, WV
      • 8 days ago

      I grew up a third generation Raiders fan in northern California. This team belongs in the proud city of Oakland along with the A's.

    • luis morales SANTA ROSA, CA
      • 17 days ago

      The legacy belongs in Oakland.

    • Elliot Lin FREMONT, CA
      • 18 days ago

      I've been a Bay Area sports fan since '96.


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