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Rahm Emanuel, Forrest Claypool, CTA Chicago: We don’t want the new Ventra CTA system

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      Ankit P

Mr Rahm Emanuel and Forrest Claypool we don’t want the new Ventra system because we DON’T want the following:

• A $3 single-ride train ticket, instead of the current $2.25.
• The Ventra card costing $5, which will be credited towards future transit fares only if we register it within 90 days of purchase
• Pay $2 fee for making a phone call to Ventra's customer service center for Ventra Debit
• Pay $2 for requesting paper copy of transactions for Ventra Debit
• A $5-a-month "dormancy fee'' charged to the transit-fare account that are inactive for 18 months. Instead of charging us a dormancy fee, you should pay us interest for keeping our money.
• A $2-a-month "dormancy fee'' charged to the pre-paid debit side are inactive for 18 months
• A $6 "Balance Refund Fee'' to receive a check for the remainder balance on the Ventra account
• FEE DROPPED - Pay $10 per hour “Account Research Fee” while disputing a charge on Ventra Debit
• FEE DROPPED - A $2.95 "Reload on Internet'' fee each time we add money to the retail side of Ventra cards using a personal credit card

What do we want?
Technologically, the Ventra system seems like a step forward, what we want is the current Chicago Card Plus being upgraded to use "Ventra" technology with nothing else changed, none of the pesky charges, nothing.

What does signing this petition do?
Upon signing, an email will be sent out to feedback@transitchicago.com to notify them of your support to this petition.

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Rahm Emanuel, Mayor, Chicago
Forrest Claypool, President, CTA Chicago
We don’t want the new Ventra CTA system


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    • William Steffey CHICAGO, IL
      • 8 months ago

      My original CTA monthly pass works like a charm. Please don't make me switch to a dodgy system that costs even more!

    • Simone Arthur CHICAGO, IL
      • 8 months ago

      Ventra turnstiles will pull money off of other bank or credit cards if they get to close. Ventra's policy on this, it is the customers fault and they will not refund stolen money, even for customers who have allday/7 day/30 day passes. This means Ventra is taking more than they should. Skimming a little from here and there and no one cares.

    • Tyesha Terrell CHICAGO, IL
      • 8 months ago

      I take public transportation as my regular commute to and from school and work.

    • Kelly Graham CHICAGO, IL
      • 8 months ago

      As a citizen of Chicago, I feel like my voice should have been heard before Ventra was forced on me.

    • David Gerst CHICAGO, IL
      • 8 months ago

      Fees are outrageous.


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