Be lawful, and end the cruel 'heart stick' method of killing animals.
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Florida Governor
Gov. Richard Scott

Be lawful, and end the cruel 'heart stick' method of killing animals.

    1. Roxanne Weeks
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      Roxanne Weeks

      Palatka, FL

As you may remember from last year, our Sheriff's Dept. was publicly outed as being breed discriminate by refusing to allow adoptions of any pitbulls and bully mixes, in violation of FL Statute 767.14, and killing ALL that came through their doors at Animal Services. PCSO conceded as little as possible by using a loophole to still ban public adoptions, but began allowing rescue groups to pull. As we know, rescues can only do so much, and the majority of this fine breed are still killed here.
In the meantime, PCSO continues to use the 'heart stick' method, which is in violation of FL Statute 828.058 (1). It states lethal injection SHALL be used in a prescribed order of preference - not "may" be used, or take your pick.
The word 'Euthanasia' means "good death", and the heart stick method is anything but that. Too often it results in an agonizing death.
Please help make them abide by the law, and provide a humane and less-painful end to the lives of these animals.
Thank you.

828.058 Euthanasia of dogs and cats.—
(1) Sodium pentobarbital, a sodium pentobarbital derivative, or other agent the Board of Veterinary Medicine may approve by rule shall be the only methods used for euthanasia of dogs and cats by public or private agencies, animal shelters, or other facilities which are operated for the collection and care of stray, neglected, abandoned, or unwanted animals. A lethal solution shall be used in the following order of preference:
(a) Intravenous injection by hypodermic needle;

(b) Intraperitoneal injection by hypodermic needle; or

(c) If the dog or cat is unconscious with no corneal reflex, intracardial injection by hypodermic needle.

(2) A dog or cat may be tranquilized with an approved and humane substance before euthanasia is performed.

Florida Governor
Gov. Richard Scott, Florida
Be lawful, and end the cruel 'heart stick' method of killing animals.

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    • Sonya Norman NASHVILLE, TN
      • 2 months ago

      If any animal has to be put down, he or she should have a painless death, because the pet is only here to be loved and should never have any type of cruelty acts down to it.

    • karla crossett NEDERLAND, TX
      • 2 months ago

      If an animal is going to be euthanized it shouldn't have to suffer anymore, it has already suffered enough either from being on the streets or at the hand of it's so called owner. These poor souls do not deserve any more pain inflicted upon them, they are already scared to death.

    • Debbie Dawkins LEXINGTON, SC
      • 3 months ago

      This practice is disgusting and horrible!

    • Kayla Franklin NOPE, PA
      • 3 months ago

      animals are my heart & soul.

    • Lori edens JAEMSTOWN, NC
      • 3 months ago

      with all the evil ,cruelity, and hatred in this world that we cant

      control, why do we have to have more where we can control it? these animals are gifts we are given that are precious!


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