Put S-Comm on ICE! Call for a Moratorium on the Mass Deportation Program
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Put S-Comm on ICE! Call for a Moratorium on the Mass Deportation Program

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Imagine having to choose between getting deported or getting beaten by your husband -- it's a choice no woman should ever have to make.

Yet, when a San Francisco resident named Norma called the police after being battered, they arrested both her and her spouse.  After being fingerprinted at the local jail, Norma was placed into deportation proceedings under the so-called “Secure Communities” (S-Comm) program that is spreading across the country at breakneck speed.

S-Comm already has two huge strikes against it. Not only can it deport victims of violence, but federal officials apparently misled members of Congress and local officials about their ability to withdraw from the program. That’s what led Representative Lofgren and Senator Menendez to call for an investigation into S-Comm and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to call for a moratorium on its expansion.

The gulf between what S-Comm claims to do and what it actually does just pushed the Governor of Illinois to terminate his state's contract with the feds.  Now, with members of Congress and the Governor of Illinois saying enough is enough, we have reached a critical moment to stop this devastating program.

Even the New York Times Editorial board is saying, "Mr. Obama and the homeland security secretary, Janet Napolitano, should heed the growing calls by lawmakers in California, Illinois, New York and other places to abandon Secure Communities to preserve public safety.

Sign the petition to tell the Obama administration and Janet Napolitano to immediately launch an investigation and enact a moratorium on the so-called "Secure Communities" program.

It's time to put S-Comm on ICE!

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    2. Boston.com: "ICE Goes Rogue on S-Comm"

      "ICE announced a set of superficial “changes” to S-Comm. But everyone saw the changes for what they were - an insincere attempt to quiet criticisms without actually addressing the fact that S-Comm undermines effective community policing."

    3. Adding Fuel to S-Comm Controversy, DHS Scraps Over 40 Local Agreements

      Wow. Just as momentum for pulling cities and states out of the federal government's so-called "Secure Communities" program appeared to be reaching a fever pitch, today the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it will cancel the more...

    4. New Documents Reveal S-Comm Is Part of an FBI Biometrics Plan

      As if Secure Communities, which functions as a mass deportation program under the guise of weeding out criminals, isn't concerning enough, new FBI documents obtained by National Day Laborers Organizing Network, Center for Constitutional Rights, and...

    5. Reached 5,000 signatures
    6. AILA Lawyers Protest S-Comm during John Morton's speech at conference. Call for a "Time Out"

    7. Progress! Elise Foley reports that the federal investigation, originally slated for sometime in 2012, got bumped up to August -- great work! Let's keep the pressure on:

    8. We're less than 400 signatures away from 5k! Helps us spread the word on Facebook -- please post the petition link to your profile or click "Share."

    9. Los Angeles Passes Resolution Calling for S-Comm Opt-out. "Let's end this ugliness. This is not the America we want."

    10. Wow, the Congressional Progressive Caucus is joining the call for a moratorium on S-Comm! Via @Newman_Chris on Twitter:

      Congressional Progressive Caucus calls for SCOMM moratorium. Letter here:

    11. Big news via Elise Foley, Huffington Post: "Massachusetts Rejects Secure Communities" --

    12. Reached 4 signatures
    13. Big news! New Yorkers Celebrate Suspension of Controversial “Secure Communities” Program --

    14. "Most undocumented immigrants checked by fingerprints against databases not charged wtih crimes" --

    15. Hispanically Speaking News covers petition effort, story of Isaura Garcia:

    16. New Yorkers Urge Gov. Cuomo to Withdraw From Flawed Deportation Program

      Yesterday evening, hundreds of advocates rallied on the steps of the Arlington, Virginia County Jail to amplify Arlington's decision to reject the flawed deportation program known as "Secure Communities," as well as to push for an end to S-Comm in...

    17. Sacramento Bee: "Assembly wants to cancel immigrants' fingerprint checks" --

    18. Reached 3 signatures
    19. "Coercive Deportation Program" Sparks Arlington Protest, New Infographic

      As momentum builds from California to New York to fix, halt, or flat-out scrap the controversial "Secure Communities" program, organizers and community leaders will be gathering this evening in Arlington, Virginia for a rally against what they are...

    20. "A federal program is torpedoing the trust we've built" - Art Venegas, former Sacramento Chief of Police:

    21. Secure Communities Program: Should New York Stay or Go? --

    22. Reached 2 signatures
    23. "DHS announces investigation of the misnamed "Secure Communities" program" --

    24. "The program, once billed as a voluntary partnership between the Department of Homeland Security and localities, is now mired in controversy." --

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