Put Country Before Party: Join Americans Elect

Put Country Before Party: Join Americans Elect

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      Americans Elect

American voters are tired of politics as usual. They want leaders that will put their country before their party, and American interests before special interests. That's why 80% of voters report that they would consider supporting an alternative Presidential ticket in the 2012 election.

That's where Americans Elect comes in.  It's the first ever national online primary. This fall when you go to vote, there will be three candidates on the ballot -- a Republican, a Democrat, and an Americans Elect candidate, nominated directly by you, the American people. We're nonpartisan, and our process is open to any registered voter, regardless of where you live or which party you belong to. 

We've already collected nearly 2.4 million signatures in support of our mission to give the American people more power and more choices, and to provide the two parties with more competition. Join Americans Elect, and together we'll pick a president, not a party.

Learn more about Americans Elect here, or join today by signing the pledge to Put Country Before Party!

I just signed the pledge to Put Country Before Party!

In 2012, American voters have had enough of politics as usual. That's why I'm joining Americans Elect -- the first truly nonpartisan nomination process.


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    • Shaela Strata MONTGOMERY, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      I really believe in this, and I really hope that an American's Elect Candidate can be realized, and America, true America can be saved by them. Almost everything decided in this country, is NOT what the American PEOPLE WANT, it's what big companies and their suporters want for their OWN PERSONAL GREED!!!!!!

      If America was truly for the people, by the people, the BLM wouldn't be shooting coyotes, wild burros, bison, approving strip mining, and the hunting "management" of historical American wildlife, such as bobcats, elk, big horn sheep, as "trophies" taking wolves off the endangered species list, so they can eradicate them! CPS wouldn't be stealing the kids with mental, chronic, conditions from families trying to cope with them, or from poor or disabled parents. These kids are just pawns in another game of greed! Why else would the current government PAY $6,000 PER CHILD TAKEN FROM IT'S PARENT INTO STATE CARE?

      Hunting should only be allowed as a LAST RESORT to cull of over populations of wildlife. If the wildlife was restored to prey and predator, then the natural balance of nature should somewhat be restored to it's own management.

      Americans DON'T WANT to be MADE to purchase health insurance. American's don't want to be slaves to big banks just to exist! Someone needs to find out the REAL cost of living for BASIC NEEDS IN A MONTH, INCLUDING SHELTER (which includes a place to sleep, bathe, and prepare food[apartment/minimalistic house+housing tax (taxing people's basic needs isn't fair/taxing extravagence or excess is fair), what the basic cost of minimal food and drink for health is, how much cost that amounts to in a month, then find out how much the lowest priced new car is, + it's title, plate/ registration/basic insurance costs, and fuel costs to go 30 miles out of town and back (the average distance to most work sites) then add in the lowest health insurance cost per person per age, add in a basic clothing cost, 1 work outfit, 1 home outfit, 1 night clothes, 1 work shoes, 1 home shoes, ad in the costs of electricity, water & heat/AC for the basic housing, and then, EITHER RAISE MINIMUM WAGE TO MEET THESE BASIC COST OF LIVING, OR LOWER RENTS! Rent is the one thing that costs the most, but is basically money spent to occupy space or go to sleep. $400-$500 for 4 walls a roof and a ceiling for one person, is too much, just to occupy space! My parents bought a house some 40 years ago, for $32,000, that same house probably has a current value of $132,000, which most people would be in dept forever, to be able to afford. It is only a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, back porch was converted into another room (tax assor says it's a "bedroom" to charge more taxes), a half finished attic (insulated/paneled) and a basement that floods every year from snow melt. Who wants to pay $132,000 for that, for a small, basic place to live, for half their lives!

      If something isn't done about this vast difference in those with more than they can use, and those with not enough, those with not enough won't buy much, to fuel the economy, and become homeless and jobless and there by pay no taxes as bankrupt people!

      Why do the current government 'big wigs" not see this?? A country of peasants is weak, a country of people with their basic needs met is strong. A country of "big wigs" doing what they want with out the care of or consent of "ordinary" people, is a DICTATORSHIP!!!!

      How can we continue to teach democracy in schools, if this is the case? To show how it "used" to be, when america, it's animals, first peoples, and Americans were free. This will be a myth, in a tyrany soon, if it isn't stopped!


    • David Plance CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Since when does a political party drive a NATIONAL interest? Who do they work for?

    • Christine May OSWEGO, IL
      • almost 3 years ago

      Tired of the 3 party system - I want to vote for who I want not who they pick for me...


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