Put An End to the Death Penalty In Illinois
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Put An End to the Death Penalty In Illinois

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The bill to end the death penalty in Illinois passed the State House by a vote of 60-54. And it passed the Senate 32-25. Now all we need is Gov. Pat Quinn's signature!

It was clear ten years ago that the death penalty system in Illinois was broken. That's why they put a moratorium on executions. Now -- a decade later -- the same problems persist.

Illinois has exonerated 20 people who were sentenced to die for crimes they did not commit -- two of them just last year.

The death penalty still doesn't keep the public any safer.

It still fails to meet the needs of murder victims' families.

And -- even with the moratorium -- the death penalty still costs taxpayers millions of dollars more than alternatives.

You have a chance to put an end to this broken nightmare of a system.

Urge the governor to end the death penalty in Illinois once and for all.

Illinois Governor
I urge you to end the death penalty in Illinois now.

During these tough times, we can’t afford to throw away resources on a
system that is so broken it can’t be fixed.

The death penalty doesn’t keep us any safer. It risks executing innocent
people. It fails to meet the needs of murder victims’ families. And it costs
millions of dollars more than alternatives.

Thank you,

[Your name]

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    2. Illinois prosecutors say they fear that if the state abolishes the death penalty, it will make it harder for them to force defendants to accept plea bargains. Prosecutors often initially pursue onerous charges as a way of scaring the accused into accepting lesser charges -- avoiding the prospect they will be found guilty.


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    4. Gov. Quinn's decision on whether to sign the death penalty repeal bill is expected any day now -- and if he doesn't decide either way by March 18, it automatically becomes law and the use of executions as punishment in Illinois will be abolished.

    5. Former Death Row Inmate Campaigns Against Executions in Illinois

      Randy Steidl was a poster child for the death penalty, the kind of man supporters of state executions could point to as a criminal – convicted in 1987 of murdering a newlywed couple in Illinois and burning down their home with their bodies in it...

    6. Gov. Quinn still hasn't said whether he'll sign the death penalty abolition bill into law. Sources say he'll probably decide by February 18.

    7. Lt. Gov. Urges Quinn to Abolish Illinois' Death Penalty

      Both houses of the Illinois legislature have voted to abolish the state's death penalty, which hasn't been employed in over a decade. Now it's up to Gov. Pat Quinn to sign the repeal into law – but he says he's waiting to hear from all sides on the...

    8. Chicago Cop’s Legacy Can Be More Than A Four-Year Sentence

      Former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in federal prison on Friday, nearly two decades after he was fired from the department for his role in torturing more than a hundred suspects, almost all of them black and many of...

    9. Victory! Hospira Stops Supplying Lethal Injections

      In the midst of a months-long shortage of the lethal injection drug sodium thiopental, the only FDA-approved U.S. manufacturer announced today that it will no longer produce the drug since it could not prevent its use in executions.
      Hospira has...

    10. Tell Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn: It's Time to End Executions

      Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has two options on the death penalty -- one of them will make history and the other will perpetuate the status quo of a broken, unequal, racist, classist, brutal system. Can you tell which one I'm pulling for?
      As you've...

    11. Illinois State Senate Votes to Abolish the Death Penalty

      Whew – looks like I won't have to write a post-mortem on the campaign to abolish the death penalty in Illinois after all.
      After the Illinois House voted last week to do away with the state's reliance on capital punishment, the Senate responded...

    12. Time to Make the Death Penalty Moratorium Permanent

      Back in 2000, former Illinois Gov. George Ryan, a staunch conservative who once bragged he'd be willing to carry out executions himself, turned against the death penalty, imposing a moratorium on the use of capital punishment after losing all...

    13. Another Shot at Ending Executions in Illinois

      This week could mark the end of the death penalty in Illinois.
      State lawmakers are expected to vote on a measure to abolish capital punishment -- and all signs show a close race for the 60 votes required for the measure to pass the state House. Your...

    14. Time to Kill the Death Penalty in Illinois

      Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan was once a gung-ho supporter of capital punishment, even boasting that he wouldn’t mind putting inmates to death himself. But then he was confronted with an uncomfortable truth: that not all on death row deserve to...


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    • Amanda Stouffer HENDERSONVILLE, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      The death penalty is both costly and ineffective. Any other program that fits those two descriptors is dropped without hesitation. The bill has already passed in the State House and the Senate, all we need is Gov. Pat Quinn's signature. End this broken nightmare of a system! You can do the right, ethical thing.


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