Put An End to Brutal Shark Finning
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Put An End to Brutal Shark Finning

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December 2010


Every year, millions of sharks are killed through finning, a brutal process where fishermen slice off sharks' fins, then throw the fish overboard to die. Oceana turned to Change.org to help get sharks more protection. Nearly 28,000 Change.org members signed Oceana's petition asking Congress to pass the Shark Conservation Act, legislation that prevents the finning of sharks in American waters and allows the U.S. to take action against other countries with scant finning regulations. Thanks to the hard work of Oceana, Change.org, and other non-profits and activists, Congress passed the Shark Conservation Act in December of 2010.

Each year, millions of sharks are brutally maimed and killed, just for their fins. Sharks are vitally important to our waters, helping balance marine ecosystems in their role as apex predators.

The Shark Conservation Act would end shark finning in U.S. waters and make us world leaders in shark conservation.

There are only a few months left in this Congressional session. Tell your Senators TODAY that you demand shark protections and the passage of the Shark Conservation Act.

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