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  • Petitioning Ambassador Kim Sook

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Ambassador of Republic of Korea to the United Nations
Ambassador Kim Sook
Prime Minister's Office
Prime Minister Mr. Kim Hwang-sik
Korea International Trade Association (KITA)
Chairman & CEO Il Sa-Kong
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Minister Kim Sung-Hwan
Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office
Prosecutor General Kim Joon Gyu
Ministry of Justice
Minister Kwon Jae-Jin
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Switzerland
Ambassador Kim Jong-Il
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Italy
Ambassador Kim Young-Seok
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China
Ambassador Lee Kyu-Hyung
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Austria
Ambassador CHO Hyun
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Finland
Ambassador Dongsun Park
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Turkey
Ambassador Lee Sang-Kyu
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Norway
Ambassador Lee Byong Hyun
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ecuador
Ambassador In Gyun Chung
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Portugal
Ambassador Yoo Jung-Hee
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Denmark
Ambassador Byung-ho Kim
Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Russia (Vladivostok)
Consul General Yang Gu Lee
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Sweden
Ambassador Eom, Seock-jeong
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Malaysia
Ambassador Yong Joon Lee
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Bulgaria
Ambassador Chun Bee-ho
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Czech
Ambassador Gabriel OH
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Hungary
Ambassador Nam, Gwan-pyo
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Poland
Ambassador Young Sun Paek
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Romania
Ambassador Im Han-taek
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ukraine
Ambassador Eun Joong Kim
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Brunei
Ambassador Choi Byung Koo
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in United Kingdom
Ambassador Park Suk-hwan
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in France
Ambassador Hye-min Lee
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Germany
Ambassador Jae Shin Kim
Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada
Ambassador Hee-yong Cho
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Greece
Ambassador Sil-Sou Shin
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Israel
Ambassador Il-Soo Kim
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Spain
Ambassador Dae-sung Oh
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in India
Ambassador Joon-Kyu Lee
Gimje, S. Korea Police Chief
Chief Lee Sang-Joo
Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Foresstry and Fisheries
Minister Suh Kyu-Yong
Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to USA
Ambassador Choi Young-jin
Office of the president, the Republic of Korea
President Geun-Hye Park 대한민국 박근혜 대통령
Presidential Council on Nation Branding
Chairperson Lee Bae-Yong (Presidential Council on Nation Branding)
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Nederlands
Ambassador Lee Key-Cheol (Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Nederlands)

Punish the man who burned a dog alive & strengthen S. Korea's Animal Protection Laws

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      Seoul, Korea, Republic of

Dog Burned Alive in Gimje, S. Korea!


This incident took place around April 20, 2012 in the vicinity of Gimje Central Middle School in Gimje, S. Korea. These photographs were obtained by CARE(Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth) from the Gimje Central Middle School students who photographed and videotaped this incident and CARE has confirmed all the facts of this case from another informant as well.

According to student witnesses, this dog known as “Hindoongi” which means white dog is hanged and burned alive with a torch fire by a man who lives in that area. Students stated that Hindoongi suffered the pain of being slowly burned alive by portable torch and he seemed to have eventually died of shock.

This case where a dog is burned alive in broad daylight in front of young students shows vividly how serious the problem of animal cruelty is in S. Korean society and how backward their consciousness is about animal protection. CARE will once again actively fight to make sure the prison sentence is given for this unforgivable crime and Gimje Police is currently investigating this case. The students know the identity of this man so this animal abuser is expected to be arrested quickly.  Even if this man is convicted the maximum punishment for his heinous crime is only 10,000,000 KRW (approx $8,800 USD) or one year in jail in S. Korea.  This is definitely not enough punishment for such a horrendous and unspeakable cruelty.   

These types of atrocities happens too often in S. Korea because eating dogs is accepted as a norm thanks to their government's shameful indifference to their dog meat industry where 2 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered every year.  This case happens to be photographed and videotaped making it possible for the animal rights groups to pursue the animal cruelty charge against this man.  However, dogs are being tortured and eaten hidden from people's view in secrecy all the time in S. Korea.  This is a shame of S. Korea, a nation that has achieved miraculous economic and political progresses, that their animal protection law is stuck in the stone ages. 

Without banning the dog meat trade and strengthening the Animal Protection Law to the global standard, South Korea will not enjoy the respect commensurate with the country's international stature.  I will not support South Korean businesses or visit South Korea until these horrors come to an end.

Please also sign the petition to the Director of Animal Welfare, Kyo-Young, Seo. (Scroll down for the English text) http://www.careanimalrights.org/you-young-ahn/



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    • Wanda Barquin WASHINGTON, DC
      • about 4 hours ago

      STOP this torture! Cruel and unnecessary suffering inflicted on sentient beings should be banned for ever! Thanks. W

    • Victor Hoffmann PLAINFIELD, IL
      • 1 day ago

      BOYCOTT KIA AND HYUNDAI MOTORS! When these big auto industries learn why they are losing BILLIONS of dollars, I'm sure the powers that be will help put an end to this shit!!! Their Government can care less! We have to hurt them in they're pockets!

    • N Towle SCITUATE, MA
      • 1 day ago

      It is unconscionable and indefensible to treat innocent, defenseless sentient beings with such egregious cruelty, torture and murder! Dogs are the one species on earth that lives to love and be companions to humans. They are NOT food any more than you or I am. These repugnant, criminal and despicable activities must stop! The World is watching and it is time to end this atrocity. A good place to start would be with this vile, miscreant of a person who tortured this poor sentient being with a blow torch to death. Can YOU imagine undergoing such misery and suffering yourself? Please lead by example and punish this man!

      • 4 days ago

      Man möchte verzweifeln vor solcher Brutalität von Menschen Tieren gegenüber. Hört das denn niemals auf??? Diesem Kerl, der solch Unfassbares diesem und wahrscheinlich auch noch anderen armen Geschöpfen angetan hat, sollte Ähnliches am eigenen Leib erfahren. Solch jämmerliches Menschenpack widert mich an und man kann nur ausspucken davor.

    • sue harrington SAINT PAUL, MN
      • 5 days ago



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