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Punish PCI for disrespecting Indian Paralympians at 2012 games
  • Petitioned P.K. Deb

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Secretary Sports
P.K. Deb
Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports, (Independent Charge) India
Jitendra Singh
Ex. Minister of Sports, India
Ajay Maken
Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports, (Independent Charge) India
Jitendra Singh
PS to the MoYAS
A. K Singh
President of IOA
V.K Malhotra
Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports, (Independent Charge) India
Jitendra Singh
Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports, (Independent Charge) India
Jitendra Singh
Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports, (Independent Charge) India
Office of the Minister
Joint Secretary Sports
Onkar Kedia

Punish PCI for disrespecting Indian Paralympians at 2012 games

    1. Pradeep Raj
    2. Petition by

      Pradeep Raj

      New Delhi, India

March 2014


In the London Olympics games, the Para-athletes were not allowed to the games village and instead their spot was given to seven PCI officials/members. Following this outrageous incident, I started this petition.

Within hours, the then Minster Of Sports Sh. Ajay Maken tweeted and issued show cause notice to PCI. He also went to London for meet to all players. He also promised take action but unfortunately he was transferred.

I tried meeting the new Sports Minister Sh. Jitendra Singh but he did not give me an appointment. Then we did a protest on 19/11/12 outside his house.

Eventually I met minister on 5th March' 2013 at his office and delivered him our petition with nine thousand signatures. He also promised that he take action against PCI.

The Sports Ministry took action and has not included Paralympic Committee of India in Renewal in the annual recognition to National sports federations (NSF) for the year 2014-14 because of their continuous irregularities since the London Games.

The Paralympics Committee of India was immediately suspended after we started the petition and is de-recognised as of now (http://yas.nic.in/sites/default/files/File%201.pdf). Thank you everyone for supporting my campaign.

Para-athletes insulted by Paralympic Commitee officials
In an outrageous incident, the coaches and family members of para athletes who participated in the London Paralympics 2012 weren’t allowed inside the Games village, instead their spot was given to seven PCI members/ officials.

The escorts and coaches weren't even allowed to meet the players inside the games village in London!

This has affected the players morally and has affected our team spirit as well. 

Farman Basha is an Arjuna award winner and power lifts for India, one of the most senior players in the Indian team who has been participating in the olympics for the last 4 years.

"I do not have an escort here and even my coach was not allowed to stay with me. I have been in London since August 11 and our federation's representatives promised that all arrangements will be made but nothing has been taken care of. I was confident of a medal but now all my training has gone in vain.

Another athlete, Amit Kumar Saroha who qualified for London Paralympics 2012, is a wheelchair participant. His coach was left stranded outside the village.

Like them there are many who were not allowed to come inside the games village. This includes all the coaches except for one who is a PCI member.

We request all Indians to support us and tell Mr. Ajay Maken (Minister of Sports) to take immediate action:

1. Investigate this incident and take strict action against the Minister,officials and Executive Members.

2. Derecognise the Paralympic Committee of India and form a new one.

3. Develop means to, spread awareness on para games and sports events



Pradeep Raj, International Para Athelete, Member of Disabled rights group

Farmaan Basha, Arjuna awardee, Paralympics participant 2012

Girraj Singh, 2004 Paralympian, General Secreatary Paralympic Committe, Haryana

News Sources:

CNN IBN : Are Indian Paralympians treated as second class citizens?

CNN IBN: Paralympians alledge lack of escorts 

Recent signatures


    1. Join me on Facebook

      Pradeep Raj
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you to all if you want to touch with me or my activities for Paralympics and Disability movement please join with me on Facebook.

    2. Reached 9,000 signatures
    3. Mr. Ajay Maken told Pradeep that he is aware of the problems

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      After receiving the petition Mr. Maken told Pradeep that he is aware of the problems caused to paralympians and that he is awaiting a response from the PCI to the show cause issues to it in response to the petition.

      "The show cause notice deadline to PCI issued by me after I got to know about the petition started by Pradeep on Change.org ends on 23rd September 2012. When I went to London to meet paralympians and participants the same concerns as mentioned by Pradeep in the petition were echoed by them.”

    4. Reached 8,000 signatures
    5. Paralympic team athlete alleges lack of escorts

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      Controversy broke out in the Indian Paralympic team in London with an athlete alleging lack of escorts to look after them even as the officials sought to make light of it. Powerlifter Farman Basha said that he was not provided with an escort and that has affected his performance in the...http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/Europe/Paralympic-team-athlete-alleges-lack-of-escorts/Article1-923385.aspx

    6. Reached 10 signatures



    Sep 07, 2012

    On the basis of petitions received from participating paralympic athletes and others, show cause notice being issued to the PCI.

    Ajay Maken

    Reasons for signing

    • aman bhattad INDIA
      • 9 months ago

      every person feel equal and equally important

    • kaikhokam Lienthang NEW DELHI, INDIA
      • 9 months ago

      Its is very important to me because I believe every individual should be treated equally no matter of gender, cast, creed or belief. and even in sport every sportsperson should be treated as equal, no matter what kind of sport he/she play, whether he/she is handicap or not.

    • Sunayan Nag BANGALORE, INDIA
      • 9 months ago

      Differential attitude towards our own countrymen must stop immediately.

      • about 1 year ago

      Differential treatment is a no-no

    • Rakesh Kumar HYDERABAD, INDIA
      • about 1 year ago

      Atleast spare ''them'' some justice.


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