Publishers: Withdraw  legal case against M/S Rameshwari Photocopy Service
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Publishers: Withdraw legal case against M/S Rameshwari Photocopy Service

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      DSE Photocopy Campaign


A consortium of publishers namely Oxford University Press, Cambridge Press and Taylor & Francis have initiated legal proceedings against DSE Photocopier (M/S Rameshwari Photocopy Service), on charges of copyright infringement and creating illegal, pirated versions of books.

We the students of Delhi University feel this move is another ploy by these wealthy publishers to stifle democratic norms around pedagogy and learning in the University.

  • The photocopied compilation made by photocopier is essential for thousands of students from economically weaker sections who cannot afford to buy the original books. Sometimes a prescribed reading is only a chapter of a book. MA and MPhil Courses require a range of readings which is beyond the purchasing power of most students. Most students are on a shoestring budget and photocopying enables them to read and accrue knowledge which would otherwise not be possible.
  • Most of these readings are for private circulation and academic purposes and not mass produced or produced for mass commercial purposes.
  • Since libraries including ones at colleges do not have sufficient copies of the designated readings, photocopying is the only viable option.
  • The photocopy shop is a support base for study circles, helps students by keeping tabs on courses and essential readings, offers suggestions and also dole out old readings free of cost.

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1.  Students left in the lurch as publishers take action against photocopiers
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    2. DU students protest against publishers at Delhi Book Fair

      Shibayan Raha
      Petition Organizer

      Delhi University students are up in arms against publishers, even as the High Court hearing to decide the fate of Rameshwari Photocopy Service, a shop at Delhi School of Economics, is scheduled for later this month.

      Demanding withdrawal of the case, students of Delhi University were seen distributing pamphlets during the Delhi Book Fair at Pragati Maidan on Saturday and Sunday. They were seen talking to visitors about the case outside the Cambridge and Oxford University Press stalls.

    3. Copyright holders tell DU students not to copy

      Shibayan Raha
      Petition Organizer

      New Delhi:Sept 10, 2012 DH News Service
      Publishing firms slap case on photocopy shopkeeper
      A group of Delhi University students protested on Sunday at the Delhi Book Fair demanding withdrawal of a case against a photocopy shopowner, who runs the facility on the premises of the Delhi School of Economics.

      Publishing houses Cambridge, Oxford University Press and Taylor and Francis had slapped a case of copyright infringement against the shopowner.

      At the book fair venue, the students gathered in front of the stalls of Oxford and Cambridge University Press.

      They also distributed pamphlets, telling people that big publishing houses can stoop to such a level that they sued a small photocopy shop.

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    5. Carbon Imprints- How photocopying is a service to the pursuit of knowledge.

      Shibayan Raha
      Petition Organizer

      If you studied in India, let’s face it, you have photocopied, at some point in your life, a text book or a reference book that was not available in the market and was shared between hundreds of students, who all needed to study from it on the day before the exam. This relationship has been naturalised in law through a fair-clause amendment to the Intellectual Property Rights regime that allows teachers and students, to make unlimited copies of copyrighted texts towards non-commercial use, including teaching and research. This fair-use clause is an acceptance that while intellectual property rights of the author and the publishers have to be upheld, the life of knowledge is far more important to make access to it restrictive.

    6. DU students photocopying academic books is legal

      Shibayan Raha
      Petition Organizer

      About the legality of photocopying course packs, Liang said under the Indian Copyright Act, students are entitled to photocopy academic work for study and research purpose.

      “Section 52 (1) says that one can reproduce any work by a teacher or a pupil in the course of instruction or as a part of questions or answers to questions. The same section allows a fair dealing with any work other than computer programs when done for private or personal use, including research,” he said.

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    Reasons for signing

      • almost 2 years ago

      I was a also a student once upon a time. Books were costly then. They still are now. Publishers absolutely don't care whether students get a decent education or not.

    • Uttam Maheshwari JABALPUR, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      As a law student, photocopied books were the only source for studies effectively.

    • Anil Pinto INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      I contribute to higher education

    • Rossi DSouza MUMBAI, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      I'm against all Middle-men-mafia

    • Meera Baindur MANIPAL, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      As an academic in India, I often need books to refer to that are priced ridiculously high ( for 2-3000 rs I can eat for a whole month) or out of print. Photocopy shops are but the symptom of a larger issue, that of commercialization and profit making of large publishing houses


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