Public Demand for justice about the cat  thrown in  a bin in Coventry /UK
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Public Demand for justice about the cat thrown in a bin in Coventry /UK

    1. Isabella P.PARFENOFF
    2. Petition by

      Isabella P.PARFENOFF

      Los Angeles, Maldives

A Woman throws a cat  in a bin... and the cat was locked  there for more than 15 hours.

How can someone throw a cat like garbage in a bin ?

Only an insane person can do it or cruel human , or both.

Mary Bale, 45, was caught on CCTV petting four-year-old tabby cat Lola before picking her up, tossing her into a trash can and closing the lid.

When Lola's owners posted the clip online, it sparked a terse reaction from animal lovers and advocates.

If this woman has serious trouble issues , she must be ban having pets.

The cat, which was trapped for 15 hours, emerged "unscathed" but  frightened, dehydrated and hungry....

The footage posted on social networking site Facebook provoked  an international viewer outrage.

PLS read more :

The British woman who sparked an Internet frenzy for throwing a cat into the trash now says her actions were "completely out of character" and meant as a "joke."

This not a joke ! but an horrible  new animal abuse case !

read more here :

This is a shameful situation !

I really think the Coventry city must be concerned about that  animal cruelty act and this case should not remain without punishment.

It is necessary to keep offenders away from new potential abuses and to alert the public about Animal rights .

In my opinion, this case brings disgrace on this city .

who knew Coventry before that awful act ?

A city like Coventry /UK , should  be recognized  ( like each city ) for  it  sense of duty and morality, not by this  shameful  cruel act, unpunished.

as written here :

 In advance , Thank you for your participation


 Photo courtesy :Sky News

Coventry city /Contact details

Lord Mayor's Office
CH36, Council House,
Earl Street,

Fax: 024 7683 3078

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