PSU Students & Alumni for Reorganization of the Board of Trustees
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PSU Students and Alumni for Reorganization of the Board of Trustees

PSU Students & Alumni for Reorganization of the Board of Trustees

    1. Mark Kubiske
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      Mark Kubiske

      Rhinelander, WI

Dear Friends,

We are a group of Penn State students and alumni empowered and motivated to address the damage to the Pennsylvania State University created by the alleged misconduct of Jerry Sandusky.  We contend damage to the Penn State community from these events resulted from systemic problems with the Board of Trustees.  To help rectify the problems, we ask you to support two resolutions that are coming to a vote by the PSU Faculty Senate on January 24, 2012. 

The Board of Trustees did not anticipate the danger the Sandusky situation posed to Penn State, effectively deal with the media in addressing the issue, nor adequately inform the Penn State community and the Public.  We believe this failure is symptomatic of the basic structure and functioning of the board. 

Power on the board is skewed toward only a few members, largely because of the way various members are selected to serve.  Board policy forbids open dissent and compels confidentiality.  Other policies inhibit synergy and shared governance among trustees, administration, faculty and alumni. 

Although the board is the controlling authority, the Faculty are the foundation of the Penn State experience and therefore should be heard.  The Faculty create the educational environment and globally recognized tradition of research excellence that make Penn State the Nation’s leading producer of Fulbright Scholars.  The Faculty understand the critical functional issues and challenges of the University. 

There are two motions before the Faculty Senate, which will be voted on at their January 24 meeting:

1) A vote of no confidence in the present trustees

2) The need for statutory changes in the structure and functioning of the board.

Ratification of these resolutions from the University Faculty Senate will send a powerful message to stakeholders that a better functioning board is needed to respond in emergency situations.

This petition will be attached to a letter to the faculty senate urging ratification of the motions.

Please sign our petition, and join our Facebook group to participate in, and keep abreast of further developments.


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      Mark Kubiske
      Petition Organizer

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      Mark Kubiske
      Petition Organizer

      We have a draft letter to the Faculty Senate encouraging them to vote "no confidence". Its important to note that this motion of no confidence was already made at the last Faculty Senate meeting on Dec. 3. The motion had to be tabled until the next meeting (Jan 24) because of a parliamentary rule. So, we aren't asking the Senate to introduce something new, we are asking for their vote on a motion that was already made. I think our letter to the Senate asking for their 'yes' vote will be compelling, but we need to show that lots of Alumni are behind them! If you are dissatisfied with the BOT, we really need those signatures on the petition!

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    • Rae Pentz MUNCY, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I agree the BOT acted too quickly in their decision to fire Joe ,over the phone no less, . It was not in is hands after he reported to his "higher up" Very disgraceful for the Paterno family.

    • Lana Dench CATONSVILLE, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      As both a PSU & SCAHS alum, my love for the Nittany Lion runs deep. Raised primarily in State College, I developed strong ideals that are not being represented by the BOT. WE will fix this, change IS coming.

    • Robert Wilson WENATCHEE, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      The BOT's silence during the media break out of the Sandusky situation is deplorable. The Board should have spoken publicly sooner and should have had full transparency during times of scandal. I understand that Joe Paterno is not Penn State but the man sure did build the university to the world wide power it is today. He deserved a whole lot better.

    • Stephen Howett WINCHESTER, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      As a current student i feel that the course of actions taken by the university's board were unacceptable. The board reacted too quickly without a proper investigation, and showed a complete lack of character in the way they fired coach Paterno

    • Elsie Hanson MAPLETON, MN
      • over 2 years ago

      The way Paterno was fired was cowardly, embarrassing, simply not fitting behavior from a great university. TIme for a change on the Board.


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