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    1. Keep the North Shore Beautiful
    2. Petition by

      Keep the North Shore Beautiful

      Port Washington, NY

We aim to preserve the beauty and charm of our neighborhoods and the health of our residents and implore our elected officials to ensure that PSEGLI and other utilities adequately inform our residents and allow us to participate in decisions that affect our towns.  

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    1. Push for Clean Energy on Long Island & TONH meeting

      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer

      One thing to do before you leave for your Labor Day weekend ... please fill out this online form to the Sierra Club to urge the Governor to implement his promise for more renewable sources of energy here on Long Island.

      Last year, Governor Cuomo promised an upgrade to our electric utility in Long Island, but it ignores the state's goal for a 30% clean energy target. At the same time, the plan, called Utility 2.0, continues reliance on natural gas and fossil fuels and antiquated, but cheap, transmission sources, such as our 80-foot chemically-laced poles.

      More reliance on clean sources of energy, like solar and wind, means more independence for ratepayers from the stronghold of fossil-based fuels and the companies that profit from them.

      Here is a link to the form:

      Also, there is a Town of North Hempstead Board meeting on September 9th at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Hall on Plandome Road where they will be considering the "double-pole" & "penta-notice" legislation. They allow for public comment so we urge all those interested to attend.

      Have a safe and happy last (unofficial) weekend of summer!

    2. Another day, another story about increasing PSEGLI bills.

      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer
      PSEG Long Island hikes power supply charge for May

      Electric power customers can expect to see a slight increase in their bills this month, as PSEG Long Island hikes the May power supply charge to 10.6 cents -- the seventh increase in the past eight months. For average customers, the change from a previous 10.4 cents a kilowatt hour means an increase of around $1.50.

    3. NY Times Article - April 22, 2014

      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer
      Utility Poles Generate Heat From Long Island Residents

      PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. - Rich Bentley first noticed them in Manhasset Valley Park, and thought they were for coming field lights. Other homeowners on the North Shore of Long Island began spotting them, too: towering wooden poles with big round pulleys that resemble dream catchers, outside their windows in the thick of newly amputated trees.

    4. Just imagine . . .

      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer

      In honor of Masters weekend, enjoy this pic of Magnolia Lane at Augusta National. Imagine if our boulevards looked like this!!

    5. PSEGLI's New Solar Panel Initiative

      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer

      Its nice to hear that PSEGLI is exploring "greener" ways to provide electricity, but let's make sure our Long Island communities know ALL of the details of this project BEFORE it begins. This also would have been a good alternative to undergrounding vs. 85 foot poles that should have been presented to us by OUR utility!

    6. ADA Complaint

      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer

      We filed a complaint with the United States Department of Justice because these poles make it nearly impossible for our neighbors in wheelchairs to travel on our sidewalks, especially to get to our bus stops.

      Check out pictures here:!ada-complaint/cor1

      And file your own complaint here:


      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer

      Call Governor Cuomo:
      - Albany Office: (518) 474-8390
      - New York City Office: (212) 681-4580

      Call the NYS Public Service Commission
      - General Line: (518) 474-7080
      - Commissioner Zibelman's Assistant: (518) 474-2523
      - Director of Public Affairs, James Denn: (518) 474-7080


      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer

      Rumor has it Governor Cuomo's office is being "inundated" with phone calls. Try also 212-681-4580 to try and speak with someone directly.

    9. Reached 1,000 signatures
    10. Decision-maker Michelle Schimel responds:

      Michelle Schimel

      Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding PSEG Long Island's overhead transmission project in Port Washington. I am acutely aware of the situation and the impact this project has had on the residential and commercial areas of the P...

    11. Sounds like North Bellmore is going to be the next victim!!!

      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer
      Roundup: Bond issuance for land buy, PSEG reps in North Bellmore

      PSEG reps to speak to civic association Representatives from PSEG Long Island, the new power authority, are to be the guest speakers at North Bellmore Civic Association's meeting Monday night. The meeting -- scheduled at 7 p.m. in North Bellmore Public Library, 1551 Newbridge Rd.

    12. DEMAND DEBATE!!!!

      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer

      Call Governor Cuomo: (518) 474-8390

      Call the NYS Public Service Commission: (518) 474-7080

      Call or e-mail State Senator Jack Martins: (516) 746-5924 or

      Call or e-mail State Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel (516) 482-6966 or

    13. Update as of March 11, 2014 8:45 pm

      Keep the North Shore Beautiful
      Petition Organizer

      Some good news - according to Dina De Giorgio and Judi Bosworth, PSEG has agreed to give the PW-GN line the same considerations it does for the East Hampton project. Positive news because PSEG has now agreed to bury the line within 16 months "provided a way to finance the underground project is worked out." It is unclear whether the poles would be removed or cut down. You can check out the details on our Facebook page
      Now for the mind-boggling news. Despite this new "agreement", PSEG is CONTINUING TO PUT UP THE POLES in EH! Talk about a complete lack of good faith.
      PSEG/LIPA is a public authority that reports only to the Governor. Therefore, we must call our governor and local reps, Assemblywoman Schimel and Senator Martins, both who have been noticeably absent from the meetings with PSEG and who have given the public ZERO information. We must hold our politicians accountable.

      ktnsb | Other Stuff You Can Do

      Other Stuff You Can Do

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