Please allow Nikki's to open and operate at 319 Broadway Providence
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Please allow Nikki's to open and operate at 319 Broadway Providence

    1. Samuel Walker
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      Samuel Walker

      Providence, RI

I live, work and shop on the West Side of Providence!  I love it here!   All the new growing businesses and community progress have made this neighborhood great!  One thing this neighborhood lacks is a unique craft and artisanal beer shop.  Nikki's is a specialty craft beer, wine and spirits boutique. They specialize in carrying hard to find items not usually carried in typical liquor stores. Their selection of over 1000 beers and award winning service has made them the premier craft beer store in the state.  With neighborhood support we can bring Nikki's to our community and fill a storefront that’s been vacant for the past 6 years. (Depasquale Pharmacy Building)   Please sign this petition to help bring Nikki’s to our neighborhood.

Let's keep growing Broadway!      -     Samuel Walker


Petition letter:

I am a resident or business patron of the West Side of Providence. I support the addition of Nikki’s, a specialty craft beer, wine and spirits shop, to our local business community. Nikki’s award winning selection and service will complement other existing Broadway businesses and further develop the revitalization of Broadway and the West Side community. Please grant the zoning variance and liquor license transfer needed to allow Nikki’s to open and operate in the currently vacant DePasquale Pharmacy building at 319 Broadway Providence, RI.

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    • Adam Bagni PROVIDENCE, RI
      • about 2 years ago

      Right now the building is a vacant eyesore. Obviously, this is a business that could revitalize the property. In addition, this isn't some sort of shady liquor store. It's a class establishment, that will sell high-quality products, to individuals over the age of 21. I definitely support the project.

    • Christopher Riely PROVIDENCE, RI
      • about 2 years ago

      I would like to have this great business within walking distance of my house.

    • Jennifer Jennings WATERFORD WORKS, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      I have relative in that neighborhood, and that business would be vital to lifting up and improving the area.

    • Jessica Jennings PROVIDENCE, RI
      • about 2 years ago

      This is a different animal than your typical liquor store. There will be NO NIPS, NO BLUNTS, NO 40's (malt liquor) & NO LOTTERY SOLD HERE! This will be a high end, community-minded (they've already sponsored some neighborhood events and they're not even here yet), craft beer destination store. It is supported by many of our west side business favorites: Julians, E&O, The Avery, and Seven Stars. This store will attract people to this neighborhood from all over the state where they will shop, eat, and maybe even move here. It's a win-win for the neighborhood.

      Nikki's is offering a product that no one else is, serving a market that no one else is. High end craft beer store. It would be wonderful to have a stable, responsible business in that empty storefront, as well. 

      Let's make this happen! It's pro-business and pro-neighborhood.

    • Bradford Waterhouse PAWTUCKET, RI
      • about 2 years ago

      Nikki's is a great store and it'd be nice to have them closer to where I work. I would frequent them much more often.


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