Protection from Police Brutality
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Protection from Police Brutality

    1. laurie adkins
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      laurie adkins

      thornton, CO

We are outraged by your decision to NOT LET US have A peaceful, lawful and inspiring assembly. WE HAVE BEEN raided AND INJURED. 
We denounce police intimidation, harassment and incarceration of peaceful protesters. 
We call on you to drop all the charges against these community leaders, to release them immediately, and to allow for the restoration of the encampment.
Our government must represent these progressive commitments, and not pander to the 1%.
A city government of the 99% should work proactively to support the encampment with resources like medical assistance, electricity, and bathrooms.
A city government of the 99% should open its doors to the encampment, come down to hear the concerns of the protesters, and defend the constitutional right to peaceful assembly. 
A city government of the 99% should take inspiration from the encampment, and use its power to meet some of its demands: taxing the rich, holding big banks accountable, job creation, affordable housing, healthcare, and so many rights our communities have been denied for too long.


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    • Janet Komada LAKEWOOD, OH
      • almost 3 years ago

      The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble. Our Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves as thousands of protesters are beaten, arrested and denied their rights!!!

    • Missy Main HILLSBORO, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am 20 years old, full time job, no money for college. Was in foster care half my life because I was beaten by the one person in your life you should always trust, your mother. DHS kicked me out of the system when I was 18. Lived on the streets for six months until I went back to live with my ''mother'', and now, I am alone, on my own. The people who we are forced to accept help from on a day to day basis in our adult lives, the police, the Government, are abusing us as well. WHO CAN I TRUST NOW?

      I have had nobody to turn to in my life thus far, and I still don't.

      Change this.

      CHANGE! Wasn't that what you preached Obama?

      This is America.

      I write this because I don't want my voice to be silent any longer. With my job I can't attend the peaceful protests.

      Therefore, MY NAME, MY SIGNATURE NOW HAS A VOICE. why I sign.


      Missy Main

    • michelle Crake PERTH, AUSTRALIA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Governments have continually forgotten that they were elected BY THE PEOPLE and we all have the right to protest in the situations we don't believe. So you bash the people who are protest? FINE BECAUSE THE HARDER YOU BEAT, MORE WILL RISE AGAINST FASCIST DEMOCRACIES.

    • Charles Dugan BELLEVUE, WA
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am sickened and offended by what the government is doing with our rights. We HAVE the right to peaceably assemble and freedom of speech, what makes them think they can besmirch the constitutional rights that this country was founded on?!

    • Elizabeth Cox WICHITA, KS
      • almost 3 years ago

      I believed you. Even though you hadn't proclaimed your Christianity to the crowd as a credential to run for president, until they squeezed it out of you, and as I saw more and more actions that seemed to indicate that you cared about us. That you struggled with the healthcare bill on our behalf. I want to believe that you are a just man in a hard position. I want to believe that you are as aghast at the violence the police has brought to bare as the rest of us. I'm sure you're being told about 'homegrown terrorism' and so forth to temper your views, but please don't have more support for Egypt's citizens than ours. Besides, you know all about how people 'redefining the narrative' to demonize someone, oh, 'Antichrist, socialist, whatever else they said that I've tuned out over the years'. I want to believe in you again. I want to. Go to bat for us again. I don't know why you haven't had the banks punished...I don't know, maybe they are blackmailing you somehow that I can't see. I want to believe in you again, but right now, I can't. Go to bat for us, and I will. If you censor the internet and crack down on us with DHS and FBI and police, then I'll look elsewhere for my hope.


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