Protect Your Health From Dangerous Industrial Carbon Pollution
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Protect Your Health From Dangerous Industrial Carbon Pollution

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Industrial carbon pollution spewing from power plants threatens our health. Doctors, nurses, scientists and other experts agree that carbon pollution fuels global warming which increases smog, making it harder for children to breathe, and contributes to thousands of  asthma attacks, permanent lung damage and other illnesses.

Thankfully, the Environmental Protection Agency is proposing the first ever national safeguards to protect Americans from industrial carbon pollution from new power plants – and you can make sure the new standards provide strong protection by affirming your support!

Standards to limit carbon pollution are critical to protecting the health of our kids and families. These standards are also a key step forward in the battle to prevent catastrophic global warming. And new standards to set limits on industrial carbon pollution will spark innovation in clean technologies and create green jobs here in America.

But big power companies and their lobbyists are spending millions of dollars to try to block these new standards. They are putting their bottom lines before your health.

We need your help to make sure the EPA protects our health by holding polluters accountable for their carbon pollution. Please submit a public comment and we’ll deliver it to the EPA!

Environmental Protection Agency
I support standards to limit carbon pollution from new power plants.

I also urge the EPA to move forward with carbon pollution standards for existing plants. Setting standards to limit carbon pollution is critical to protecting Americans’ health, spurring investment in clean energy and unleashing American innovation.

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    • Shawn Prenatt KENMORE, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      I understand that my online signature for an endeavor such as this may only serve to be in vain. As it is stated, the way of our world revolves around profits and those business entities in power using their vast wealth on nation's legislators to ensure that they keep making profits. Our only answer and fighting chance against these wealthy juggernauts is to beat them at their own game and with COMPETITION! I already signed the petition to allow our farmers to grow INDUSTRIAL HEMP where bio-fuel such as Diesel and Ethanol/Butanol can be made and in greater quantities than with corn. If we could grow HEMP on a MASSIVE SCALE in this country and be able to produce all of the paper, bio-fuel, hemp food, hemp seed oils for candles and make-up, hemp fiber for clothes, rope, sails and building insulation, hemp fiber as an asphalt and concrete composite, hemp stalks mixed with lime to make hempcrete which can used to make ultra efficient and insulated homes (check out youtube videos!), and the list goes on AND ON! If we want to decrease carbon pollution then we MUST use fuels that are clean and/or release little to NO carbon and other pollutants to power our cars and produce the electricity. Hemp plants like trees will help to take in carbon dioxide and EVEN the lime in hempcrete requires pulling carbon dioxide out of the air to help it harden over time! By making paper out of hemp you have less of need to cut down trees and in turn those spared acres of trees freed from deforestation can help our Earth filter out all of this pollution and convert that carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen! We can do this but people must know that they HAVE A CHOICE AND THE FUTURE, OUR ANSWER, IS ALLOWING OUR FARMERS TO GROW INDUSTRIAL HEMP! DO THE RESEARCH PLEASE AND CHECK OUT YOUTUBE! PLEASE!


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