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    1. cynthia thomson
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      cynthia thomson

      jacksonville, FL

Currently, in Florida, there are no safety measures to protect a victim from vengeful violence by her/his attacker after reporting a sex crime committed against her/him.  Many victims are afraid of retribution when an investigation is opened and her rapist is contacted by police, but have no idea how to file protective orders or where to go for help.

With the outrageous backlog of rape kit testing, sometimes years pass before an arrest can be made.  This window of time can be dangerous for the victim. 

Following a traumatic sex crime, a woman should be protected from further harassment, violence, and contact by her attacker.  A restraining order is a formal, legal document which stipulates that the attacker cannot contact or stalk his victim.  If the accused attacker attempts contact, he is in violation of the law, and can be arrested and jailed for that offense, while the rape is still under investigation.  

Initiating such a law would protect victims, and be of no consequence to the accused, if he did not attempt to cause further harm to his victim.  There is no legitimate reason for a rapist to see, converse with, or otherwise harass a victim. Several other states, such as Virginia, offer this immediate protection for sexual assault victims.  

Please tell our Florida lawmakers that we want victims of sex crimes to be protected from their perpetrators during due process of the law.  Restraining orders should be issued IMMEDIATELY when a rape is reported. 

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    2. cynthia thomson
      Petition Organizer

      Once again, we have extended our petition deadline. We seek more support, although your signature, and the petition will still be delivered to the FL Legislature this month in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the final deadline is extended for continued participation. Thank you for your support of this much needed legislation.

    3. cynthia thomson
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you for supporting the protection of victims of sexual assault. As April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I would like to present the petition to FL lawmakers during their April meeting. The need to protect victims during the investigative period is a matter of life and death. For the victim who is willing to speak and retell the abuse, in order to prevent others from a similar experience, there should be safety provided. Most specifically, protection from the person or persons who hurt them.
      Please share and repost this petition to all interested parties. Signatures for this cause will end on April 15, 2011.


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    • Sally L. Edwards JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      My dear friend was a victim of a brutal abduction and rape. She tried defending herself against her attacker, by doing so she ended up being incarcerated for 3 years. That's 3 years of her life gone, 3 years her family did not get to see her, 3 years I did not get to see her, but sadest of all 3 years of her sons life that she missed because the attacker did not suffer any consequences of this hideous crime. No he and his partner in this crime walked free and my dear friend only trying to defend herself was lock in prison for 3 damn years. Come on My Politicians, give women that are victims of sex crimes a voice and allow them to defend themselves against these monsters!


      Sally L. Edwards

      Florida Resident, born/raised and Legal United States Citizen

    • Clyde Dupree JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      Protect the innocent. End the offenders by either chemical means or complete destruction.


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