Protect Students: Don’t let Congress cut Pell Grants
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Protect Students: Don’t let Congress cut Pell Grants

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On Friday, April 15, the U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on Republican Congressman Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal, which seeks to shred the Pell Grant program. These grants have enabled millions of economically disadvantaged Americans to realize their dreams of a college education and brighten their prospects for the future.

Rep. Ryan’s proposal wouldn’t just skim a little off the top. Experts anticipate that it would reduce the maximum Pell Grant award by up to 60 percent – from $5,500 per year to as low as $2,100. And since colleges across the country are raising tuitions, such cuts would be catastrophic for many students. Consider this: In 1980, the maximum Pell grant covered most of the cost to attend a four-year public college. By 2007, it covered less than one third – an historic low.

Tell your congressional representative that these are cuts America can’t afford. Don’t delay!

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    • Maneesh Pangasa YUMA, AZ
      • over 3 years ago

      Republicans should stop trying to balance the budget solely on the backs of the poor, seniors, the disabled and the middle class. Shared sacrifices are needed requiring that the rich pay their fair share in taxes. It is outrageous that while the rich already pay less in taxes than middle class families as the top tax rate was reduced in the Bush tax cuts from the levels they were at when Bill Clinton was President so the rich could pay less than average Americans (yes it cut taxes for the middle class too but more so for the rich) that Paul Ryan wants to cut the top tax rate for the rich even further. He's not asking the rich to pay their fair share he wants to balance the budget entirely on the backs of the middle class, gut investment in education, infrastructure, clean energy, science & technology, and the middle class safety net by killing social and economic programs Republicans have never liked like Medicare by turning it into a voucher program to buy private health insurance -- most insurance companies care more about their profits than insuring people and won't want to insure seniors -- seniors life expectancy is lower than younger Americans and his plan won't cut medical costs it will just make seniors pay more for their own health care -- if they can't afford to that's their problem. While the deficit and debt have to be reduced it has to be done so with fairness in mind. Some spending has to give -- wasteful and excessive spending can be cut and some entitlements reformed but in ways that strengthen them -- shifting costs from government on to seniors does not cut costs. It's not so much that the Ryan budget has bad policies I believe it does but its biggest problem is he has no proposal on how to actually bring down the budget deficits and national debt.

      He has no plan for doing so. He says he does but his plan is just to cut taxes for the rich more and ask seniors to give up Medicare so the rich can have more tax cuts that's not right. Just as President Obama said in his recent fiscal policy speech where he said it won't happen while he's President.

      We should not be asking more of the least fortunate and letting the most fortunate continue to prosper. Unshared prosperity, unequal distribution of income/wealth is not good. Most of the wealth in this country in the last decade has gone up to the top 2% entirely while middle class workers salaries were cut. It's not that we ask more of the rich because we begrudge those who are rich or dislike them for their success -- its not that we want to punish them but those who have been more successful can afford to give back a little more.

    • Donna Perkins CHATTANOOGA, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      Hello I am a 41 year old Desert Storm and Desert Shield Army Veteran who is currently going to college while raising my 7 children and 1 grandchild as a widow. My husband died as a Veteran also. I have no other means of completing my Degress without the Pell Grant, so Please I beg of you "DON'T TAKE IT AWAY"


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