Protect Noahs Rights!
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Protect Noahs Rights!

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      Brian Goralczyk


The following message is a petition to help Noah get back into a loving home. Please read.

When Noah was 3 and younger he loved his mom. He never had any problems going back to her house after a visit with me. (his father) Me and his mom never fought and rarely had disagreements. In Fall of 2008, when Noah was 4, that all changed. Noah's mom started dating a man. Noah started having strange behavior. Things such as crying histarically when his mom came to pick him up. He'd say he hated her. Which me and my wife tried making him stop saying that. He was hitting himself and calling himself stupid. We eventually found out that they were paddling him. We are all for discipline but to discipline a 4 year old to such extremes especially when he listens better than most kids, is ridiculous. Over the years the paddling got worse along with name calling, pushing, hitting, kicking, punches, leaving him alone at home/with his siblings(1 year old and 2 year old), and making him wear clothes that were innappropriate for weather. His mom started becoming rude with me and disagreeing with almost everything. These past years have been hard waiting for significant signs of abuse to turn into dcfs. Early Decemeber of 2011 the lostant librarian called dcfs because Noah tried to return a movie with out the case. She told him she was gunna have to call his mother. Noah said, "NO! She'll beat me". DCFS made a visit to his mom and stepdad. And they told them they needed to throw the paddle away and not to use it. Well, 3 weeks later Decemeber 24th Noah came to visit us with welts on his butt and thighs. Perfect paddle marks. Noah said he got in trouble because he was supposed to write 300 sentences but he wrote 200. So his stepdad paddled him while his mother allowed it. Me and my wife got an order of protection against both of them. And Noah finally got to move in with us. But only for a month. The next court date he was told he had to move back with his mom because she didn't put the bruises on him. But his stepdad had to move out and could not be around him. Over the past 9 months Noah has been left alone(unfounded in dcfs) sometimes with his siblings, sometimes by himself, or he goes to the park by himself while he hangs out/talks to complete strangers. One time we couldn't find him for a half hour because she let him go to the park by himself(video proof of this). He was found a block or two away talking to adult strangers. She is constantly calling him names, hitting and pushing him. Just a month ago, Noah came to us with bruises on his arms and slight mark on his head. She had twisted his arm and punched him. Says Noah. Again, DCFS was called but the bruises weren't significant.

 Noah is not one to lie. He knows and we always tell him that he can't give us false information because we can get in trouble. But still there was nothing we could do. On August 12. His step dad was allowed to move back in, even after pleading guilty. Since that monday, only a few days later, Noah said his step dad called him names. Nothing changed.

We don't want Noah hurt anymore. All he wants is to be treated right and to feel loved. I don't want anything to end up getting worse.

We believe that this abuse is being looked past by representaives of the state of Illinois, and that in the end it will have serious physical and emotional consequences for Noah. To put a child at such risk is life threatening and unconstitutional. Noah has rights too!

The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States ensures every man, woman, and CHILD has their unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As citizens, we are bound by the law of our land to guarantee that childrens rights are held sacred. We, who are parents, believe that it is our primary responsibility out of love, justice, and integrity to ensure the basic necessities for our children are met, Including :freedom from hunger, freedom from danger, freedom from neglect, and freedom from the elements. Protecting them especially in their early years can have long-term effects that extend throughout their lives. The early years of childhood are vital to Noahs development and future ability to learn and thrive as a responsible caring adult.

As his parent,  I will do everything in my power to get Noah in a safe, stable, and LOVING home!!

By signing this petition you are agreeing that the best interest for Noah would be living with his me.

Thank you for any and all support!

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    • Christine kracek MEDFORD, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      Typical cold protective svcs not doing their. When there is already known abuse, when do subsequent bruises become "significant" enough. Even if I agreed that a blood family member should be given another chance ( which I don't necessarily believe), there is no way that a non- family member should EVER be allowed near this child again if there is already history of abuse. Are you people so stupid that you don't realize the danger you are putting the child in by allowing this man back into the home.....a man who now has a REAL grudge against this child. Just because she is a woman, the boy's mother, does not, by any means, mean that she is the better parent.

    • Amber King BROOKLYN, MS
      • about 2 years ago

      Noah is my cousin, he deserves to live in a loving and caring home with his daddy and step mother. I have hardly seen him but when I go to Illinois to visit my family he has never told a lie about something. Noah deserves so much better then what he is going through now. Children should not be abuse and neglect. I love you Noah and i hope that you go home with your daddy and step mother.

    • Miranda Smith STANFIELD, OR
      • about 2 years ago

      They shouldn't wait untill this poor boy is dead to wring their hands and say they're gonna make changes.This boy deserves to be in a happy,loving,safe from violence home.No child should have to live in fear.

    • Lonnie Defenbaugh VISTA, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I hate seeing children being abused, and I want it stopped as now!

    • Chrisandra Ingram BROOKLYN, MS
      • about 2 years ago

      Really, this is a no brainer. This is important to me because, I am sick and tired of children and family service agencies not stepping in to do what they are supposed to do. What is so hard about taking a child blatantly crying out for help? I've seen to many times children and family services take cildren out of homes when the child cries for their parents, and leaving the ones that cry in fear of thier parents with those very ones they fear. I had a friend that had a BOYFRIEND beat her 3 year old daughter on a regular basis, and no one pulled that child out of the house, and now she is DEAD. I am sick and tired of sitting back, and watching all of these parents that need their child pulled from their homes, DHS/DCFS, be called and the child stays. I mean exactly what is the criteria now a days for a child to be pulled from their home? Should they not be happy? Is that how they get to stay home, is if they seem already mentally, emotionally or physically messed up? I pray you all listen to this case and do something about this before it possibly becomes to late. I believe all children should have a real chance at a good life, with discipline (not beaten) and especially not feel hated by a step-parent. Set aside the parents cries for help for a minute, don't think this is just a game, and listen to the CHILD. Please just take the time to listen to the CHILD not only in this case, but any case. Take the time to investigate. Don't just HEAR, LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN!!!

      Thank you,

      Chrisandra Ingram


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