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Protect New York From Gas Drilling!

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      Organic Legion

      New York, NY

What are you waiting for? 
This call to action is not just for New Yorkers but for everyone.
Our country's waterways are in peril and there isn't much time left. 

Hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" is drilling for gas.

In order to accomplish that, hundreds and hundreds of secret, carcinogen and toxic chemicals need to be used along with millions of gallons of water.

The byproduct is this toxic and deadly cocktail of contaminated water called "Produced Water" that gets dumped into ponds or injected back into the ground. Then, they use sprayers to help evaporate this water and make it vanish into thin air.
An other byproduct is the constant release of VOCs in the air that produce ozone. 

Within days, all of it comes back into our fresh water supply killing aquatic life and anything that comes into contact. It finds its way into the kitchen sink, crops and into your PLATE.

Stand up now.

For more info on this, visit:

http://gaslandthemovie.com/  (see map)





Thank you.

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Protect New York From Gas Drilling! This call to action is for everyone, our waterways are in peril: http://bit.ly/9kfAmv

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    2. Organic Legion
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      Up to now, the cities of Pittsburgh and Buffalo have banned fracking. Let's continue to inspire others to do the same. Thank you!


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      • about 2 years ago

      When it comes to both New York ["The Land of (the Statue of) Liberty"] AND Illinois ["The Land of (Abraham) Lincoln'], "LET'S STOP 'FRACKING' AROUND!" GOVENOR CUOMO, YOU NEED TO HAVE A COMPLETE BAN FOR NEW YORK STATE ON THE "HYDRAULIC FRACTURING ('HYDROFRACKING')" TECHNOLOGY USED TO EXTRACT NATURAL GAS FROM SHALE FORMATIONS!! On Monday, July 30, 2012, I participated in "The 'STOP THE FRACK ATTACK ON IL' Rally" at the Thompson Center/State of Illinois Building in Chicago's downtown 'LOOP' area. We requested that IL Governor Pat Quinn IMMEDIATELY STOP the permits for 'hydrofracking' planned for the southern part of the state. The rally also called for the IMMEDIATE PASSAGE of the "oil and gas act-shale fracking bill" (SB 3280) in the Illinois General Assembly, which would enact a one-year statewide 'hydrofracking' moratorium. With most of IL suffering from drought conditions deemed "severe or worse" this past summer, it makes sense to to conserve our precious, finite water resources for agriculture--NOT for unnecessary and hazardous 'hydrofracking' (an extremely "water-intensive" process, to boot)! Continuing on, being one of the original, modern energy-environmental activists since around the first "EARTH DAY" (April 22, 1970) over 42 years ago, I just want to add that: Contrary to the claims by the big natural gas companies, the "hydraulic fracturing" technique is NOT an "inherently safe" source of energy with no dangers to our environment and health! During January, 2009, natural gas from an improperly sealed well in Dimock, Pennsylvania, seeped into a nearby underground aquifer, contaminating the water supplies of several neighboring households. About 1.5 years later, in June, 2010, a well being drilled by EOG Resources in Westcentral PA had a "blowout," spewing roughly 35,000 gallons of wastewater, mud, and poisonous chemicals 75 feet into the air. While a dike was quickly built around the site to contain this "toxic brew," at least some of these hazardous chemicals are believed to have contaminated underground aquifers. Another "blowout" happened during April, 2011, in Northeast PA, when a well owned by Chesapeake Energy spilled thousands of gallons of "chemically-laced water" into nearby field and streams before company engineers finally were able to bring it under control. MORE STRINGENT CONTROLS MUST BE PLACED UPON THE DUMPING OF WASTEWATER FROM SHALE GAS WELLS! (Most of the 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater produced by these wells in PA between 2008-2010 was sent to public treatment plants which were ILL-EQUIPPED to remove many of the hazardous materials contained in the drilling waste--carcinogenic 'hydrofracking' fluids like benzene, and naturally occurring radioactive radium and uranium from the "flowback." A great deal of this drilling wastewater eventually found its way into the Monongahela and Susquehanna Rivers, which provide drinking water for millions of residents in Baltimore, Maryland; and Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.) [For more about the "dark side of natural gas/downside of the 'frack attack,'" please see this excellent book: Michael T. Klare, THE RACE FOR WHAT'S LEFT: THE GLOBAL SCRAMBLE FOR THE WORLD'S LAST RESOURCES, New York, N.Y.: Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt and Company, LLC, 2012, pp. 116-123.] So, therefore, what should we do instead? Besides maximizing increased energy efficiency and commercial/industrial co-generation, we should be implementing more appropriate renewable energy technologies--farm animal manure/municipal garbage landfill methane gas recovery, solar hot water heating, passive solar space heating and cooling, solar grain drying, solar photovoltaics, well-built and properly sited utility-scale windfarms and individual wind turbines, cellulosic ethanol and sustainable biodiesel, and so on.

    • Karen Burke HALTOM CITY, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      this is all true even though many deny it. please sign all fracking petitions. To see what 8 years of fracking has done to Fort Worth & Cleburne see "Stop Natural Gas Fracking and clean up the mess created in Texas!

    • Todd Crames STERLING, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      Please stop the oil companies from destroying our oceans, waters, lands and world. I really want our children to be able to exist here.

    • Michael Loew WOODSIDE, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      I'd rather not see the entire Hudson Valley be declared a Superfund site.

      • almost 3 years ago

      Because we only have one earth. Please also take a look at the petition I've created regarding human trafficking, and also sign it if it speaks to you ! :) http://www.change.org/petitions/you-buy-products-to-help-end-human-trafficking


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