Protect Nevada Foster Youth & Mandatory Reporters
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Protect Nevada Foster Youth & Mandatory Reporters

    1. G. R.  Gray
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      G. R. Gray

      Stockton, CA


Nevada foster youth and the adults overseeing them should be protected from medical and child abuse and state/federal statutes that mandate reporting of abuses.

 Mandatory reporters are being targeted for unlawful termination and the abuses reported are being concealed, in this instant, by a nonprofit, Eagle Quest of Nevada, Inc.

 Las Vegas, Child Abuse Hotline, Dept. Family Services and now, the Metro Police Dept (Child Abuse Bureau) have not investigated the allegations. The investigation has shifted from Las Vegas, to Nye Co., back to Las Vegas, and the alleged victims and witness' have not been interviewed. Earlier, OSHA, took over six months to start a discriminatory termination investigation. 

By signing this, we encourage the Governor to ask his cabinet appointee, Terry Johnson, Business and Industry, to conduct a credible investigation and while we applaud the First Lady's agenda to address the mental health and wellbeing of Nevada youth, investigating the systems current failures could be beneficial for youth and mandatory reporters.


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      • about 2 years ago

      Because MY 'handicapped' daughter is one of them!

      • over 2 years ago

      Don't drink the Eagle Quest Kool Aide; the entire operation is an elaborate financial scam to exploit youth and hire "white trash" foster parents that are expoitable.

      Read Nevada Legislative Audit: LA12-08

      Unfingerprintred drug trafficing convicted foster parents, syringes on the floor, garbage and cloths strewn through the houses, poor quality food, can't monitor goes on and on..unlicensed outdoor program.

      • over 2 years ago

      My son was in the hardy home in pahrump. The house was run by two gay men who had drinking, boyfriends staying the night, gay porn on tv, they un enrolled my 15 yr old from school where he sat at their house while the other kids went to school. My son is what you would call a guy guy and they would harrass him all day trying to get him to go off. And unfortunately our attorney believes there might be a even bigger problem that jacob hardy the supervisor of the hardy house caused and one day he will be brought to justice and have to face what he did. We reported it and they took it out on my son. Google "why was the eagle quest home in pahrump nv closed" scroll until you see 2011 legislative report-carson city auditor. Its 89 pages and worth reading. Maybe if theres enough of us saying stop eagle quest will go away they ruined my sons life. They took his youth away. What does a 15 yr old do without and education? So ya every body read the report. Lets stop this now and not let what happened to our kids happen to NOT ONE MORE KID EVER EVER AGAIN! JB

    • Legislative Audit: LA12-08 CARSON CITY, NV
      • over 2 years ago

      This Oct. 2011, state audit showed a consistent lack of care, supervision and regulatory compliance. Why is Eagle Quest of Nevada, Inc., still operating? How much public funds would they have to defraud the state of Nevada from?


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