Protect Greater Canyonlands
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Protect Greater Canyonlands

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The Greater Canyonlands region, which includes 1.4 million acres of Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) lands surrounding Canyonlands National Park, is a landscape of plateaus, stunning geologic formations, 10,000 year old archeological sites, and unmatched natural beauty including iconic Utah landmarks such as Labyrinth Canyon, Indian Creek, White Canyon, Fiddler Butte, Robbers Roost, Lockhart Basin and the Dirty Devil River.

However, off-road vehicle (ORV) use in the area has too frequently proven unmanageable, with increasing soil erosion, noise, crushed vegetation, degraded streams, and fragmented wildlife habitat.  Visitors to the area who do not use ORVs, and who comprise the vast majority of visitors to Greater Canyonlands, are finding it increasingly difficult to experience the natural quiet, solitude and beauty of the area.  The region is also threatened by oil and gas leasing northwest and east of the park, tar sands proposals to the west and south, and potash development to the east - activities which threaten not only the integrity of the wild lands surrounding the park, but also the viewsheds and air quality within park boundaries.

Protecting Greater Canyonlands would facilitate a complementary and consistent management approach to lands managed by the BLM, National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service. Giving heightened protection to the most valuable and vulnerable places, will give these ecosystems their best chance at long term health, especially in an era of rapidly changing climatic and environmental conditions.  Please take a moment to let Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley know you support protection for the treasured landscape of Greater Canyonlands.

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    2. Take a protect Greater Canyonlands photo! Daryl Hannah and Neil Young did.

      Take a protect Greater Canyonlands photo! Daryl Hannah and Neil Young did.

      Actress/director Daryl Hannah and rock legend Neil Young were in Moab last Friday and showed their support for protecting Greater Canyonlands! Neil later wrote ( "Imagine the beautiful majestic canyons and valleys of Canyonlands National Park, the same legendary landscape immortalized around the world in car commercials and posters of American beauty, and you know where we are now.

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    4. In case you missed this last month

      More than 100 Outdoor Businesses Urge Pres. Obama to Protect Greater Canyonlands as a National Monument

      Yesterday, more than 100 outdoor-related businesses sent a letter to President Obama urging him to protect Greater Canyonlands as a national monument. Can you add your voice to the effort to protect Greater Canyonlands by contacting President Obama today? Click here to tell President Obama to protect Greater Canyonlands.

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    7. Please "like" the Protect Greater Canyonlands Facebook page!

      And tell President Obama to protect Greater Canyonlands! Click here to print out a "President Obama: Protect Greater Canyonlands" sign and upload a photo message to President Obama:

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    9. The last straw

      Back in 2008, it was unthinkable that President Obama would not only fail to change George Bush’s worst public lands policies, but that he’d actively defend them. But that’s exactly where we are today.

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    11. Off Roaders Pose Risks For Utah's Vulnerable Backcountry

      Legendary conservationist Edgar Wayburn once observed, “Nature doesn't divide herself into measured plots. A watershed encompasses the chain of life; if any part is developed, the integrity of the whole ecosystem is threatened.”
      There may not be...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Carole Scarborough WEST VALLEY CITY, UT
      • 3 months ago

      These treasures belong to the American people and should not be privatized

    • James McCloskey BOERNE, TX
      • 3 months ago

      This is important because the land belongs to all of us not just irresponsible visitors

    • Richard L Davis BOCA RATON, FL
      • 3 months ago

      I have travelled all through the proposed Greater Canyonlands - by foot, by 4WD only on BLM, Forest Service or NPS approved trails and roads. I have some truly magnificent pictures and memories. If we don't protect this beautiful land it will be nothing but oil and gas fields, drilling platforms, tar sands strip mining operations and all of the noise, dust and road they produce. Enough is enough - STAND UP!

    • Vicky Mashburn LEWISTON, ID
      • 4 months ago

      Because i have been there and this place is one of the most beautiful places in the USA why spoil it.

    • Lauie Dameron BOULDER, CO
      • 4 months ago

      my favorite spot on the planet is Needles Distric Canyonlands...Utah is a unique and precious and beautiful place!!!


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