Protect Drug Free Mothers' Rights in Temporary Placement Situations
  • Petitioned Jean Marsh, Director of Washoe County Department of Social Services

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Jean Marsh, Director of Washoe County Department of Social Services
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Protect Drug Free Mothers' Rights in Temporary Placement Situations

    1. Sabrina Greges
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      Sabrina Greges

      Reno, NV

In Washoe County the CPS portion of Social Services have been tyrranizing good mothers while giving children back to parents who are still strung out on drugs or bouncing from home to home. I called them on October 8, 2011 and asked them to temporarily place my children in a home while I kept my job and looked for an apartment. Under U.S. Constitution, indigency is not a crime. I sat down with my children and we discussed our options of shelters and what the likelihood of getting an apartment soon would look like under those conditions. We had already lived in several shelters, and I had sacrificed many jobs for shelter life's demands. We felt it was time for a change. My children were clean, in clean clothes, fed and in a fresh diaper. I supplied two full wardrobes, all clean with toys, bottles, diapers, and formula when we thought we were making a "voluntary placement". We agreed as a family to ask CPS for a voluntary placement and have been scrutinized by their imaginations relentlessly ever since. They wrote the matter as a removal, and forged purjery in a third party fashion through their county psychologist Stuart Gordon who told me in the evaluation process that he didn't think I was ill or in need of psychiatric treatment and then wrote in his report that he suspected I have bipolar tendancies. One of Washoe County Department of Social Services' supervisor Tammi Williamson and case worker, Ryan Boren boldly admitted in the case management meeting that they called Stuart Gordon to give him "their side of the story". This type of behavior mustn't continue!
That case management meeting was held 55 days after the placement of the children, when their policy requires that it happen within 45 days. They sent their public defender Patrick Gilbert and their court investigator Natalie Choi to pick me up from work without even 24 hours notice on the matter to escort me to the meeting they arranged on the spur of the moment.

This is important because parents should have SAFER options for their children than exposing them to drunks and other types in an open environmental setting if and when homelessness occurs. We should be able to voluntarily place our children and take them back at any time, with truthfulness adhered in written reports and our selflessness acknowledged respectfully by the individuals who could never do such a thing themselves.

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    • Sabrina Greges RENO, NV
      • over 2 years ago

      Because we're standing together for the future needs of all moms like me. LET'S GO! JOIN ME APRIL 5th, 2012 IN DOWNTOWN RENO AT 9am IN FRONT OF THE COUNTY COURTHOUSE to REBEL THE HELL with a public protest! SHOW THEM TRUTH MATTERS


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