Prosecute the killer of my 17-year-old brother Myles Rascon
  • Petitioned Michelle Hartmann; Gary L. Fowler; Greg Abbott; Eric Holder;

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Michelle Hartmann; Gary L. Fowler; Greg Abbott; Eric Holder;

Prosecute the killer of my 17-year-old brother Myles Rascon

    1. Denise Rascon
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      Denise Rascon

      Denton, TX

On April 13th, Friday the thirteenth my brother was shot multiple times in the back at a Whataburger parking lot, where he was fleeing his killer after a drug deal gone wrong. Law Enforcement was not called to the scene until an hour after the shooting.
Nobody would help my brother when he was on the ground bleeding. A lady walking by picked him up off the ground and put him into his friend Carlos' vehicle where he drove him to the hospital.
Myles had promised me that it was his last day to sell marijuana. He told me he had to finish selling the rest of it that day so he could pay someone back that he owed money. I told him I was worried that he would get hurt if he kept selling. He tried to get jobs at several places, putting in applications left and right but nobody would give him a chance because he was so young. My brother was murdered before he could get his first job.
Myles was not a bad person, despite the ways the news had portrayed him. He would give the shirt off his back for a person in need. He loved helping strangers around the neighborhood, especially people that were too old to do things on their own. Myles didn't judge people, he simply loved living life and the joys that came with it. It breaks my heart that he lost his life over a bag of marijuana.
The killer is pleading not-guilty even though he was the only person at the scene of the crime with a gun, and there was more than three witnesses. I'm afraid some of the witnesses are being paid off, since nobody will stand and speak against Shane Austin.
My family cannot afford a pricey Attorney so Shane Austin is only looking at 8-10 years. I'm appalled that the State of Texas would let a killer back on the streets with a slap on the hand.
Please help me give my brother the justice he deserves and my single parent father hope, that one day everything will be okay.


Michelle Hartmann; Gary L. Fowler; Greg Abbott; Eric Holder;
Prosecute the killer of my 17-year-old brother Myles Rascon

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    • Michael Zarkout MANSFIELD, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      Anybody who commit's murder yound or old or insane shall recieve the same punishment because we are all created equal

    • Tracy Dawn MANSFIELD, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      I think our children just get a little lost sometimes as we all have from time to time in our life's... This was a child someone's family and a boy who never had a chance to live. He was a friend of my daughters . I would pray that everyone who reads this understands that no one person goes threw life without mistakes. This boy never got the chance to even learn from his mistakes. This man who shot him needs to pay for what he has done ,whether it be from a court or God himself. Drug deal or not! No one deserves to be killed in cold blood over really nothing at all. I send all the prayers I can to his family. May God see you threw this and find justice for your brother. May he look down from the heavens and be at piece. May you look to the heavens and know that your brother is with God and will suffer no more.. In Jesus Christ Name I pray.

    • Trey Kole ARLINGTON, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      For justice, peace, and rest for this case and to put the worthless rich scum behind bars.

    • Dillon Thompson MANSFIELD, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      Friend of mine.

    • bryan ellis BURLESON, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      because no one should be killed over drugs and he was a great friend


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